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[FREE Game] Square League

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by asdmgroup, Dec 27, 2013.

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    Maybe you have played to this classic game on your childhood at school or have heard about it through a friend and/or relatives.
    It's an easy and fun game for two to four players. You can play against other people or against (CPU) machine. Further it includes several modes of play: online, against machine and offline (to play with your friends while you're with them).
    Each game consists of a board with a set of dots. Each player must join two straight points to form a line, by turns, so that they have to try to form a square before opponents. When a square is created, it is filled with the color of the player who has formed it. In this way, the objective of the game is to try to fill more squares than the other players to win.

    This game includes outstanding features such as:
    - The existence of a series of rankings (points, wins, balance) so that each player can see his/her progress in the game.
    - The existence of a series of ranges/awards obtained within each classification to be rewarding positive developments in each player.
    - The viewing of the top 10 players for each ranking from Square League and the comparative of the player regarding these (if he/she is not within these 10 players)

    So if you want to have a good time playing and entertain yourself, either with friends or alone, this is your game.

    Available for all Android devices

    Enjoy the game! ;)


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