[Free][Game] Unblock 3D Ball Puzzle

If you want to increase your thinking power and want to do brain exercise then this Unblock 3D puzzle game will help you with that. No matter what's your age and what do you do, it's suitable for people of all ages.

Challenging Gameplay

This Unblock 3D Ball puzzle game will train your visual memory, intelligence, and mental speed while you play and try to solve the block puzzles. The more you play the more you can solve the puzzles easily.

Just stay calm and focused, move the sliding tiles to unblock a path for the ball to roll to the exit in order to let your brain, learn and develop problem-solving skills with this 3D Rolling ball game. Download this free game and start solving puzzles now! Always try your best to collect all the stars in the path and remember that the metallic blocks can't be moved yet there are amazing tricks available when you can even move and rotate the metallic blocks too. Also, remember that as you progress the levels will get more difficult. Only amazing thinking and strategy can help you on the way.

Key Features

- Free to download and play
- Classic-styled block slide ball puzzle with a modern twist
- 4 different puzzle packs with over 100+ puzzles in each pack
- A great brain teaser to improve your agility and hand-eye coordination
- Try hints while you can't understand the exit of the ball
- Suitable for all ages' users
- Play anytime anywhere

So, are you ready to explore the tile puzzle fantasy? Download this Unblock 3D Ball puzzle right now and enjoy!

Download Now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yokoso.ballpuzzle
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