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Dec 9, 2015
Hidden Objects Living Room


Welcome to the messy “living room”! Embark on a hidden object quest such you have never experienced before! We have created an awesome hidden object world where you can play and forget about all your worries! This incredible “find the hidden object game” will take you to an object finding journey of your life! If you're looking for hidden object adventure games for tablets free of charge, our brand new “find objects” game will bring you off your feet! Download Hidden Objects Living Room, get ready for some amazing puzzle solving, and start an excellent brain workout. Enjoy every step of this mystery case in a messy living room!

More than 1000 hidden objects to find!
Amazing HD graphics – 3D environment!
Text mode - good for kids for learning object names.
Collect at least three stars to move on to the next level!
Collect the maximum amount of points and beat the clock!
Use hint system to find an item!

Can you clean up the messy living room?

Spot the object! Can you “find it” in the land of mystery games free? The land of cute “adventure games free” is waiting for you! If you're looking for fun games for when your bored, you're at the right place. This classy “mystery hidden objects” game will not only entertain you, but it will also help you practice concentration, focus, and speed of perception! “Seek and find hidden objects” in a messy living room – hurry up because the clock is ticking! Have fun while looking for different hidden things in an exquisite living room environment. Play fun free hidden object games with lots of levels and become the best detective in your neighborhood. Take your magnifying glass and enjoy looking for details in this new “spot it hidden objects game”! “Clean up messy room” as quickly as you can, and search and find hidden objects – all of them! If you enjoy playing “house games” with lots of “hidden objects”, you will be thrilled to have “ Hidden Objects Living Room” on your smartphone or tablet.


Find objects in a messy room!

Get ready for an item finding adventure! If you're into “puzzle games” and you're looking for both exciting and educating “mystery case hidden object game”, search no more because you've found what you're looking for. Detective games for free are at your disposal – become the number one detective in the living room and find the missing objects free! “Find the objects free games” are very popular nowadays, so hurry up and be trendy with the latest “item finder” game! Hidden Objects Livingroom contains easy hidden object games which also have some really difficult levels. Therefore, don't hesitate! Enter the messy living room and start your “hidden object home makeover”! Look for hidden objects in a room and solve the mystery of the object's whereabouts like a true detective. Forget about difficult mystery case – in these awesome hidden object adventure games free all you have to do is click on the picture of a “hidden object”! As simple as that! Download “find items in pictures” and let your puzzle game adventure begin!

Find hidden objects in a room!

“Hidden objects puzzle game” for all fans of mystery and order! Look at the pictures of messy living room and find all of “mystery hidden objects”! The only fun games which are better than free online hidden object games are free offline hidden object games! Play “find objects games” without WiFi and enjoy in every second! These mind games are excellent brain teasers – they will puzzle your mind and enhance your concentration and focus! This exquisite free hidden object game for Android will lift your spirits – you will enjoy amazing design and happy colors! Hidden Objects Living Room especially for you!