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Free In-store Droid Incredible & Droid Eris Training Class

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by smile44, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. smile44

    smile44 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Maximize your new smartphone's potential at our free in-store training on August 10th. Learn more about tips and tricks and free apps that will keep you up to speed on everything your new Droid Incredible and Droid Eris has to offer.

    Anyone get one of these emails from Verizon? Are they standard with new smartphone purchases?

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  2. AJ McKay

    AJ McKay Well-Known Member

    Yea, I got the same thing today. Where are you located? I'm in Northern VA. Wondering if it's geographic or possibly in preparation for Froyo.

    Or maybe it's because they've caught up on all the backups so they know more people have the Inc now.

    P.S. I got mine day before release.
  3. borderwave

    borderwave Lurker

    Yes, If you're on this forum for more than 5 minutes you already know more than they are allowed to teach you in that class...
    ashorty likes this.
  4. mched

    mched Well-Known Member

    I heard that everyone that shows up gets a free "Froyo" coupon.:D
  5. smile44

    smile44 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm in central Virginia, so you might be right! I've had mine about 3 weeks, my first smartphone.
  6. Terabethia

    Terabethia Android Expert

    I got this email today, too!

    And... I'm in Northern VA! So maybe it is just our area?
  7. gruss

    gruss Android Expert

    They probably show you how to use atk.
  8. smile44

    smile44 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Definitely sounds like it could be a Virginia thing.

    I doubt I would learn anything new, but it would be interesting to see what they plan to show everyone.
  9. killadanny

    killadanny Android Expert

    I dont need anybody to teach me how to send a text message or put the phone on vibrate :)
  10. knebel22

    knebel22 Newbie

    When I first got the phone in April I went to the local Verizon store for a free lesson on the phone.
    Nothing special and I learned more here on the forums.
  11. waynester

    waynester Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, just all y'all hill folk. :D

    As far as the class , it would prob take the entire class time to get my phone back in stock form
  12. drdoom

    drdoom Android Expert

    Read it again, they probably want you to show them how to use it.
  13. waynester

    waynester Android Enthusiast

    good point
  14. FramCire

    FramCire Android Expert

    How about going just to ask them about the update.
    waynester likes this.
  15. killadanny

    killadanny Android Expert

    I'd go just to converse with fellow owners and cousins and show off Froyo, oh yes, I have it and you don't.
  16. waynester

    waynester Android Enthusiast

    ha , good one , I needed a laugh before bed
  17. Terabethia

    Terabethia Android Expert

    Not a bad plan actually. It would be fun to get 5 different responses from 5 different Verizon people all at once :D

    The last time I was in a Verizon store I stood there listening to an employee try to explain to a customer the features. After about 3 minutes I began to get a headache. I decided to end my pain (and the customers!) and butt in. At least one person got some decent service that day :)
  18. klineaj

    klineaj Member

    I acutally been to one just to see what it was about and because I was just in the store at the time, and the only thing that was oh ok maybe it was good I did go was that I got a booklet of quite a few apps and which ones are the "hottest" but otherwise it was the basic for people like the old lady across from me who just got a Droid X and when told of the apps said "What is a app?" and when told to just wait a few she turned stomin normin and demanded to know what they were and that dragged the class on...
  19. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Android Expert

    If you can read these forums, then you do not need to go to any stupid class
  20. sirchadwick1

    sirchadwick1 Member

    Will they teach us how to root? LOL...

    I'm good, but thx.
  21. AJ McKay

    AJ McKay Well-Known Member

    It would be fun to go and contradict the mass amount of false information they'll probably provide.

    And to stand up front playing with root only apps. :D
  22. kriswknight

    kriswknight Newbie

    That class is for people who arent sure how to use their phone at all. People who dont know how to change sound settings, or who dont know how to move icons (old people). Most stores do the class once a month on a sunday before the class opens.


    thats the link if you want to see.
  23. Spaded21

    Spaded21 Member

    Haha, I was thinking that too.

    Lesson 1: Download Advanced Task Killer.

    Its sad that ATK is like the number 4 top free app
  24. dorothyjessee

    dorothyjessee Lurker

    You'll be there ("old") yourself, one of these days! Don't ridicule older people who want to learn new things, young 'un.
  25. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    They're already quite a bit older, and long gone from here...check the date of the post to which you replied. As a senior citizen (technically - I can get a discount some places ;)) myself, I sympathize, but honestly, Verizon would have been the last place I'd go to learn about Android...

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