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[FREE]Live wallpaper

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by magamagic, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. magamagic

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    Spring Live Wallpaper

    Are you ready for a bright day full of sunshine and smell of the beautiful spring flowers? If so, get Spring Live Wallpaper, an amazing collection of “spring wallpapers free” inspired by the magical “spring season”, bathed by the warm sun rays! Capture the sunshine on your phone or tablet, take a walk in the “sunny forest” or admire the field of flowers with these beautiful “nature wallpapers for Android™”! Turn the “spring pictures” into a springtime screensaver for your home and lock screens – find the perfect background image for your desktop and wake up to the sight of sunshine in the morning! These enchanting “spring backgrounds” bring the spring time magic like no other free app – just download them and the sight of “spring flowers” or the revitalizing sunny rain bathing the snowdrop, or the lily of the valley will make each day start with the perfect sunny morning! Download this romantic spring flower wallpaper, capture the ideal sunny day on your mobile phone or tablet screen and enjoy your own spring valley!

    How to set the live wallpaper:
    - Long press on the home screen until the menu labeled “set wallpaper” comes out, choose the category “live wallpapers” and scroll to “Spring Live Wallpaper”.
    - Choose your favorite “spring background” image.
    - When you download these “nature wallpapers”, you will get five lovely spring pictures; the rest of them will be unlocked during the next five days.
    - If the wallpaper resets after the reboot, please move it to your device storage, instead of the SD card!
    - Choose the speed and density of animated objects on your screen!
    - “Spring themes” are ideal for HD phones and tablets!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Spring love magic is in the air – this amazing Spring Live Wallpaper lets you sprinkle some wild flowers all over your tablet or phone screen and turn your mobile phone or tablet into a real Heaven on Earth. Gaze at a rich “rose flower”, wonderful pink or purple tulips, or a magical garden, full of colorful blossoms on your smartphone, for free! Download our spring wallpaper, relax and gaze at the blue sky, while the flower petals float across your phone, or lay in the midst of a spring meadow while the revitalizing rain bathes the red poppies or white daisies. Immerse yourself into the lovely world of the “beautiful flowers” and butterflies flying in the mysterious enchanted forest with one of the best “HD wallpapers”.

    If you are looking for “spring wallpapers and backgrounds” bathed by the warm sun rays, this “free download” is the ideal choice. Just download one of the best HD wallpapers for mobile phones, inspired by the magical spring season and have fun gazing at the romantic flowers. Springtime is no longer around the corner - with Spring Live Wallpaper, every day can be the “first day of spring” on your phone and tablet! Gaze at the adorable background images depicting flowery meadows and green hills in spring decorated by white flowers, rare garden plants or flower arrangements, completely free of charge. Each tulip, daisy, lily, poppy, violet or daffodil will make you cherish your smartphone even more. Just glance at one of the best cute wallpapers and you will feel like you are walking on sunshine all day long!

    ✎ Have a comment or a suggestion? ✐
    Thanks for using Spring Live Wallpaper! If you have any suggestions or comments about our free wallpapers app, send us a feedback! We will continue to make more cute apps with wallpapers and backgrounds just for your enjoyment!


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  2. magamagic

    magamagic Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I wish u arrival of spring...;)
  3. magamagic

    magamagic Well-Known Member
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    Try this live wallpapers....:)

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