Jan 19, 2021
Black Border is a border simulator game that simulated the life of a real border patrol officer . In this game, you play as a border officer of the border cross entry and exit gates, who supposed to check the passengers' papers and stop the smuggling of illegal items and bribery.

The followings are some items that the border officer (you) is supposed to check carefully and prevent illegal border crossing of passengers and other forbidden objects:

✅ The Full name of each person is mentioned in all the papers.
✅ Check The weight and height of the passengers to not be against the ones mentioned in the papers.
✅ Check the expiry date of their passport or entry permit and other papers.
✅ Frisk passengers for weapons and illegal items and preventing their entrance to the country.
✅ Check passengers' faces to be the same as photos in their documents.

Play on Google Play Store (FREE): https://bit.ly/3aPK3Yw
Play on Google Play Store (Full): http://bit.ly/3ta3fXD
Play on App Store: https://apple.co/3fPoevo
Download Demo on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1377000/Black_Border/
Official Website: https://blackbordergame.com/