Free phone with Verizon?


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We may be switching to Verizon soon and I will be getting my son his first phone. I'd like to get him one of the free phones rather than a $1000 phone. So I'm curious, out of the options they currently have, which is the best phone to look at for him? I know the phone won't be as great as the S21+, for example, but I hope it's not a horrible phone. Anyhoo....thoughts on phone options available?


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Without you telling us the options of phones available, we cannot give you any information that you cannot get from an internet search.

Of course, you will need the same information to do the search...
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Also keep in mind that any free phone from a carrier is not really free.
On top of that, they are always the worst phones that the carrier has to offer.

In my experience, it is always better to get an unlocked device with the specs you want rather than to deal with the junk devices or the overpriced devices that are locked onto only one carrier.


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best thing to do is to into either a verizon store or places like best buy and look and see what kind of promotions are going on. on their website, you can't shop for free it is better to ask someone selling their phones on what kind of deals or sales are currently going on.

i would recommend looking at the samsung a series of phones. its their main budget phone, but i hear good things about them.


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So looking at Verizon's site there are some really good phones offered at zero cost, but it's really important to note that's a zero cost up front but you're still going to be paying for that 'free' phone, the cost being spread out over the monthly payments you have to make over whatever contract period. Verizon isn't going to be giving any phones away as some kind of social service, it's going to be making a lot of money on your account with them with that 'free' phone. It's a clever (a.k.a 'devious') way to pull in customers, a spin on the classic bait-n-switch tactic retail stores use.
It might be worth your time to pick one of the more viable options for your son, and look into how much you'd pay for that same model if you bought it as is somewhere else (i.e. Amazon). This is the hard part in that you need to guestimate the total cost of that phone over the time period of your entire contract with Verizon -- the messy part being the phone cost minus the cost of the cellular services used. Try looking into the 'bring your own phone' account cost as a comparison, again guestimating the price you'd pay for the phone plus the cost of the account usage. Lots of variables involved but the cellular companies add a lot of markup to those 'free' phones.
Also, keep in mind that carrier-locked phones are a) locked to that specific carrier so, just as an example, you find the Verizon coverage sucks you'll be paying big bucks as a 'early termination' fee to switch to a different, better carrier and b) typically loaded with a lot of carrier-specific bloatware. A carrier-unlocked phone allows you a lot more freedom (just be aware not only is carrier bloatware an issue but there's also manufacturer bloatware).

Anyway, there a number of good budget-class Android phones available these days. The news media and a lot of people fixate on just pricey flagship models but there's also reality and what the majority of consumers actually use:
Approximately how old is your son and what do you think are his expectations in a phone? Also, what about his friends and such? Peer pressure and phone status has become such an issue now.