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[FREE][Productivity][App] RapidUpload Free in Beta!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by stevenp, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Jul 28, 2012

    Jul 28, 2012
    RapidUpload Free

    Application link on forums:

    Official Website:

    Download on Google Play:

    Currently in Testing

    First of all, I would like to state that if I am breaking any rules by posting this in more than one place, I apologize, and that I will delete my thread or condone a delete without any resistance.

    Okay, so why am I Creating this post when I have already announced it inside the application announcement forum?

    New Version Coming!

    We realize that there are many sync tools, cloud storage apps, and other file sharing services out there. The reason why we have created RapidUpload is because there was a lack of a service for doing what RapidUpload was created for.

    What do I mean by this? Simple.

    RapidUpload is not a DropBox. It is not a configurable file sharing application. It is a very easy to use quick upload tool.

    When you use RapidUpload, you get a service that is like the old Mega Upload file sharing service (but legal!) and we wanted to bring it back!

    The general goal was to have an app, so that when you put all your files inside a directory, you could hit ONE button, and all your files would be online, and you could access them from a Short URL for free, for ever, without any limitations.

    Whats Coming in the New Version?

    We realize RapidUpload lacks in the looks department and also is limited on features. Well, as far as features go, it was created to be simple. It is not supposed to have countless amounts of features that most people will not even use!

    This does not mean things will not be added however!

    We are working on many applications here at RapidWebs and we are also working with the government so that we get get the required funding needed to take us to the next level as a software development organization.

    This means we have not had the time to make RapidUpload more pleasing to the eye!

    But this is changing!

    We need your input!

    The reason why we are going back in to "Beta" is that, until we release the next version, we are taking suggestions for the next version on any post we have made (like this one) but mostly at the suggestion forum on our company website! You can find this forum here:

    Suggestion Box - RapidWebs

    The idea is generally this: We will soon be getting some funding from the government for helping us develop some new software. The first thing we will be doing is adding features, improving the GUI, and releasing an overall update for the RapidUpload series, and this is a chance for any of our users to suggest features (or anything they want for that matter! ) that should be on the new version!

    Some features already suggested:

    Just so you don't waste your time suggesting a feature which has already been asked for, here is a small list:

    - Built in file manager to manage your files,

    - or better integration with the users file manager which they have downloaded..

    - Better overall graphical user interface

    - Requesting the delete of files inside the application, and the ability for users to over write their own files on the server

    - etc


    We would like to thank any body who is using our software, or any body who has read this and has decided to try it out!

    We would also like to thank any body who has visited the website, or suggested a new feature.

    And most of all, we would like to thank the owners of Android forums (Phandroid) for giving us the ability to make this post and for allowing us to request their user base for their input!

    Take Care!

    RapidUpload Official Website!

    RapidWebs Organization:

    Steven Page
    Owner, Lead Programmer and Designer,
    RapidWebs Organization


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