Sep 3, 2022
Hire, teach and equip warriors, customize and manage your own unique squad to explore Catacombs and fantasy Dungeons!
Build the strongest team, create more combinations and make your personal strategy and fight against other players online on PvP Arena battles like traditional MOBA.
Play Tournaments, take rewards and win epic chests in Championships! Challenge top players in online leaderboards! Or simple collect rewards from Dungeons, complete special Events and raid the Bosses - just chill out.

- Hire, equip and level up warriors
- Build teams with different tactics
- Explore Dungeons to get more gold, loot and experience
- Play Arena, Tournament and Championship
- Fight against your friend in PvP
- Trade with other players on online Auction
- Buy or win rare lootboxes
- Compete against friends
- Interactive treasure hunting battles
- Fast-paced. Each battle takes about 1 minute
- AFK Ranked battle
- Idle gameplay: auto Dungeon battles
- High-quality content, animations and visual effects
- Free-to-play with no way to pay for win, power or playtime
- A lot of balanced weapons and armors that reveal individual player skill
- No two matches squad in the combat arena are ever the same
- Lightweight graphics and scripts, nice for old smartphones


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Game will release on 09/09/22!

There will be a wipe. Players with more than 10 or 18 level of warriors will receive bonuses and special avatars!
Hooray, the game is out now! Some gameplay that was planned to be implemented before the release was not done: co-op PvE in the necropolis and the resurrection of dead warriors there; expeditions to the depths of the caves. However, when reaching more than 1000 players in the GP, this will be done. In honor of the release, the first 3 days will be increased rates of experience for ranked battles and drops in dungeons!
A lot of supplies are added to the game, such as: A bag of coins, an ad-disable coupon, an anti-bleeding bandage, an ordinary runestone, a winner's laurels, a bottle of enlightenment...

I will be glad to your wishes and suggestions on useful supplies.
Change log for now 212 version from Google Play:

+ Repair and improvement of the Store - a new Commander Casket!

+ Co-op raid PvP mode is now available again.

+ PvP challenge (HighScores) mode improved display and indication

+ Repair of the auction and quest rewards - they can't be "sold" on the auction

+ Fixed erroneously frequent appearance of unrewarded ads

+ Added special effects of Ice, Fire and Lightning on weapons

+ New quest from the omniscient head - Resource Chest reward

+ Fixed search for suitable squads in PvP challenges (HighScores) - now significantly more squads of other players are available for PvP invitation
A more stable version has been released 214! :rolleyes: You can get a gift promo code in our discord server! Next, major changes in the game are being prepared, have time to enter the game :)
Version 215 is out! This is where global change begins! You can ask any of your questions in our discord server!
New version 221 of the game is available on the GP! Meet the new Traders system - will be done completely in the next update soon!

Welcome the new big Update of the game 240 version! New service system, new warrior stats interface, new challenges!