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Free s5 hotspot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stevo9111, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. stevo9111

    stevo9111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have the s5 smg900f on the 3 uk carrier.
    However they now only allow 2gb hotspot and my wifi is hopeless (owner of house isn't willing to get bridge). Please is there anyway around this, I've tried foxfi & towelroot & tried to download framaroot but it only gave me the 'aragon option'. Can someone give me a simple root solution that doesn't involve a pc and ACTUALLY WORKS for s5 smg900f please

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  2. mowe13

    mowe13 Newbie

    Hi I'm new here . I have the same problem . with no results .. Sg5 on three.. Someone mentioned three were deep packet sniffing .. I think three have added something to the os which needs rooting out and deletion.. I don't want to root . so my only option is to use my old sg3 also purchased through 3.. This still allows me to feather unlimited . please let me know if you find a fix. And if you root have a dig around the data usage files
  3. lrosete777

    lrosete777 Newbie

    I use "wifi tether router" by Fabio Grasso. Its in the play store. But im also rooted with towelroot though. I can confirm it works though

  4. lrosete777

    lrosete777 Newbie

  5. mowe13

    mowe13 Newbie

    Are you on three network ? How old is your contract ? What hand set do you have?
  6. lrosete777

    lrosete777 Newbie

    No, im sorry to say, im on sprint in the us. I just signed a new contract a few months ago but I do have an S5, nexus 5, and S4.
    The tether app has alot of settings to play with. I just thought maybe I should throw it out there for you and see if it worked. I turned some of my coworkers on to that app and they said it worked perfectly.
    I was just trying to offer a suggestion.
  7. mowe13

    mowe13 Newbie

    Thanks for the suggestion .
    the problem we are starting to have in the UK . is the provider (three network )has added or modified the os to send data from the data usage built in app on new handsets. No one is aware of this yet !! And everyone is trying to find work a rounds .. So no VPN will make any diferenc (sad to say )... BUTT !!
    I called them yesterday (not to complain) but just to find out what I could do about it . the operator confirmed that three are indeed taking data from the handsets .to my surprise:eek:.
    Then for some reason the next thing I know I'm talking to a manager who explained I am a very valued customer and then put me back on the one plan which has unlimited tether .. NOTE this plan no longer exists :eek:... I'm just wondering how illegal it is what they are doing !!!!!!
  8. lrosete777

    lrosete777 Newbie

    I wasnt aware of that. Congrats on the upgrade and I hope someone solves that issue soon.
    I appreciate the explaination. Thanks

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