Apr 13, 2022
Link To The Game:

Hey everyone, developer at CryogenWare here. Scripted Souls is a two person project that we have been working on for several months and i'm happy to say we finally completed it. Let us know what you think of the game!

About Scripted Souls:

Scripted Souls is a game that combines both capturing monsters and word puzzles. At the end of every stage players can choose to attempt to capture the monster they fought and purchase it with souls in the summon page.

The game currently features over 200+ monsters and 400+ levels. You can play levels in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French and 7 other languages.

Players can change languages and carry over progression. Each language has their own set of levels totaling to 3,600 Levels if you choose to play all languages.

To celebrate our launch we are giving out a promo code for the Soul Catcher Pack ($4.99 USD Value).

Leave a comment below if your interested in a promo code

Redemption Guide:

How to Redeem: Go to GooglePlay store click on your profile > payments and subscriptions > redeem code. Launch the game and enter the in-app store (the bottom icon with all of the coins) and your giveaway pack will automatically activate with the souls and spells.