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[FREE] Sky Live Wallpaper

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by qphone, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Sense the feeling of flying with beautiful balloons across the sky going through the clouds!!!.
    "Sky Live Wallpaper" is an amazing free live wallpaper for android.
    You can setup the amount of clouds, balloons, speed, sun, sky and light effects!.
    Furthermore, the power consumption is very low so you can use it in old devices.

    We have released the first version of Sky Live Wallpaper!
    These are some of the features you can find in this version

    • Set the amount of top, middle and bottom clouds​
    • Pick a color and adjust the transparency​
    • Too slow or too fast? Adjust the speed as you please!​
    • Choose among different sort of suns for day, afternoon and night.​
    • Simulate a daylight adjusting the speed​
    • Special effect: Blink​
    • Don't you like how it looks like? Hide it!!​
    • Choose among different sort of skies for dawn, bright day, afternoon, night and.. space!​
    Hot air balloons​
    • Set the min and max speed​
    • Do you want more balloons? Then set it!​
    • Custom the scene as you please choosing the size and type for each balloon in real time!. Or just disable the on-screen controls in Settings​


    Screenshot_2016-03-04-13-46-32.png Screenshot_2016-03-04-13-46-34.png Screenshot_2016-03-04-13-46-41.png Screenshot_2016-03-04-13-46-53.png
    Play Store Link:

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    I've uploaded a new version of my app. It includes tablet compatibility, new animations and more balloons.
    I also added tappx to promote the app. The integration was easier that other platforms.

    Regards ;)
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