Free Spring Summer Live Wallpapers

Hello Everyone,

I am presenting my Spring Summer Live Wallpaper.

Do you like lazing around in summer or is being outdoors having a picnic or even a BBQ is your thing? Summer picnic live wallpaper is one of those eccentric yet beautiful apps that you must have. This live wallpaper celebrates and pays tribute to the landscape paintings done in the Impressionist style by Claude Monet, Renoir, Edgar Degas, Alfred Sisley, Mary Cassat et al.

1. 30 impressionist painting combinations of spacious skies and open meadows.
2. Living paintings
3. Flying birds
4. Floating balloons (I said, it is a bit eccentric didn't I? )
5. People walking around the landscape. The people are also in impressionist style.
6. People having a picnic
7. A family having BBQ
8. And more.

Hope you like it.