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[FREE] Swipurr - Infinite Cute Cats

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Snafu, Nov 4, 2014.

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    Edit: Listing needs an update. I've been diligently adding new features over the last 3 months :)

    Swipurr is a fun cat app with a huge gallery of cats & memes and tinder like swipe voting.

    If you're cat obsessed or a feline enthusiast then this is the app for you. Not only will you get your cute fix quicker than your thumb can swipe, but your votes will propel your favorite cats into the cat pantheon.


    Download the app from Google Play to vote for your favorite cats.

    How to use Swipurr:

    If you've used tinder this app should be familiar to you.


    Swipe left to 'Purr' your approval.
    Swipe right to 'Hiss' your disconent.
    Swipe down to skip to the next cat.

    Your votes matter! Help your favorite cats battle for supremacy in a shallow tinder like world. It's fun and satisfying.
    Whether it's funny, weird, or scary, vote for the cats that please you the most.


    View the top 20 leaderboards: Most Beloved, Most Notorious, and Trending.

    Contribute to our huge catalog of cute and funny cats. Send us your best lolcats and memes. Show us your cute kittens. Have fun.


    Swipurr has gone multi-lingual! We now has translations for the following languages:

    Spanish, Portugese, German, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Polish, and Arabic.


    Submit your own! Visit https://swipurr.com/submit-link or click the link submit button in the app to send us your own cat, and help grow our gallery.

    Share your favorite kitty cat photos on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Browse our gallery at www.swipurr.com.

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  2. Snafu

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    Posting new listing and features. The app has changed quite a lot since i first posted this thread.

    'Cute & Funny Cats - Swipurr' @ Google Play - Swipurr.com

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