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[Free] Tanky - 2D tank destroyer

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Six dots Software, Jul 12, 2021.


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  1. Six dots Software

    Thread Starter

    WTF is Tanky?
    Tanky is a 2D retro tank game, tailor made for Android smartphones.

    What can you expect?
    • 2D retro tank game
    • Fast paced action
    • Touch support, of course
    • Based on GoDot engine
    • Pick-ups and power-ups
    • 5 levels to complete
    • Bosses to conquer
    The more reviews and downloads, the more free content will be added.

    Download link


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  2. Six dots Software

    Thread Starter

    We've released our first update! Thanks for your support and reviews! :rob:
  3. KatrinkaXY

    KatrinkaXY Lurker

    It's an interesting game!
    Six dots Software likes this.
  4. deveon

    deveon Newbie

    It look very cool thank's for sharing
    Six dots Software likes this.
  5. Six dots Software

    Thread Starter

    @deveon : thank you! If you have any suggestions or feedback, we'll put it into the next update. :)
  6. Six dots Software

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for all of your help and personal feedback.
    We've just released the first huge update:
    1. Improved tank controls
    2. Updated graphics
    3. Better icon alignment
    4. More balanced damage control
  7. Six dots Software

    Thread Starter

    Hey there tank hunters,
    We've just released Version 1.5 of the tank game! Thanks for all your support.

  8. Six dots Software

    Thread Starter

    Video for the youtubers

Tanky - 2D tank destroyer

Tanky - 2D tank destroyer Forum


July 12, 2021
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