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[FREE] Toddler Maths Book Free

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by newborntech, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Toddler Maths Book is a Kids Education math game. Preschool Kids could apply their maths skill by playing number puzzle. This app is not designed especially for Children but also to Preschool goers. We have Special Categories like learning, Writing for Children. Engineers could learn maths numbers 123 by tracing and they could learn Pronunciation. For Preschool goers we have designed many games like Counting, Finding, The Missing Number, Minimum and Maximum Numbers.

    * Learning - Kids can Learn 0 - 9 Number Pronunication.
    * Writing - Learn Writing by tracing 0 - 9 Numbers
    * Matching - Match the Numbers with Respected words
    * Finding - Find the Correct Number in the Circle
    * Counting - Count the Number of images and Choose the Right Answer
    * Missing - Find the Missing Number in the Series
    * Minimum - Choose the Smallest Number from the given option.
    * Maximum - Choose the Biggest Number from the given option.

    Monkey Entertain Kids when they Choose the Right Answers.

    Play Store Link:


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