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Free VoIP Calling Using Google Voice + Sipdroid

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by lexluthor, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I had been looking around for how to do free VoIP calling on my Droid X.

    I came across this thread here

    Apparently this process is outdated and there's a much easier process now.

    I'm not sure that many people know about this yet. I know it took me a while to find this myself, so I figured I'd post here.

    Here's the article that explains why the process is easier now and how to do it.

    Quick Summary of the directions.

    Get a google voice number and install google voice app.

    Install sipdroid (free in market)

    Run sipdroid and click the link at the bottom that says new PBX linked to my google voice

    Verify your google voice account email is correct and enter your google voice password below (yes, you are giving them your password). Enter your pbxes.org password below that (that's creating a new password, so it can be anything).

    Click Configure or Save. I don't recall exactly what it says at that step.

    If you want to be able to receive calls as well, you must have Google Chat enabled on the Google Voice website. Go to google voice->voice settings->phones and make sure you have a google chat account there and that it's enabled for forwarding.

    Make and Receive VoIP calls using sipdroid. When you make outbound calls, your google voice number will appear as the caller ID. With inbound calls, as long as you have google talk checked off as a forwarding number in google voice and you have sipdroid running, sipdroid will "ring" and you can answer the call over VoIP.

    Call history will appear in Google Voice AND on pbxes.org (even if sipdroid isn't open).

    You might also have to check off the 3g option if you want to to work on 3g as well as wifi.

    I haven't really tested the quality. Would love to see some comments on that.

    Seems like this would certainly be nice to use if you are overseas with no cell connection, but can get on wifi. Or maybe if you run out of minutes in a month.

    Could be some security implications here and the need to trust pbxes.org, I suppose.

  2. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    Thanks for sharing... it's good to have this method in the back pocket.
  3. davidmoore

    davidmoore Lurker

    When I load the Sipdroid 2.0.1 beta app, it doesn't have the pbxes button at the bottom. Do we know why this happens?
  4. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Do you already have a line set up with pbxes.org? I think if you have one already, that won't show.

    Maybe go into your application settings and do a clear data and clear cache on sipdroid and start over?

    I should have titled this thread something like Free Calling over IP - Easy Method or something like that. I don't think people realize how easy this to do or how valuable it could be.
  5. davidmoore

    davidmoore Lurker

    I just deleted my pbxes.org account (to start fresh.) I cleared the data on sipdroid as well and it still doesn't show that button.
  6. davidmoore

    davidmoore Lurker

    I started over. I reinstalled Google Voice and go through the setup, it asks me to dial a number to configure Google Voice on my phone. I called the number, but it hangs up on me after 3 seconds.
  7. davidmoore

    davidmoore Lurker

    Google Voice is configured and working because someone left me a voicemail on it last night and it transcribed it. pbxes.org still doesn't show up. Is this because I have a Droid X possibly?
  8. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Wow, I don't know, I have a droid x and it works. Maybe try the sipdroid dev or do they have forums?
  9. davidmoore

    davidmoore Lurker

    I figured it out, I have two google accounts. One at gmail.com and another at my own domain. I want to phase out my gmail.com account, so I setup google voice on my domain (which I didn't know I could do) and then reinstalled the apps. This time Sipdroid did display the button. I created the account, but even though Google Voice was setup for my own domain it still tried to use my gmail.com (primary google account on my phone, is there a way I can delete that without resetting my phone?) After creating the account for my gmail, I logged in to pbxes.org and changed everything that showed my gmail account to my domain. Now, when I load sipdroid, it does register with pbxes.org, but phone calls aren't working. They are being logged on pbxes.org, but a voice says that the call can't go through. I'm curious if changing the pbxes.org info to my own domain has messed up somehow.
  10. davidmoore

    davidmoore Lurker

    Still having issues, I found that my domain (although services are hosted by google) the chat service doesn't allow calling which is what I need in order to make calls, if I'm correct. So I changed the settings back in pbxes.org to my gmail account and set my google voice to use my gmail as well. Now, when I make phone calls, it says that the number can't be reached as dialed or something.
  11. gnboston08

    gnboston08 Lurker

    I am having issues too. I would like to resolve this soon. My department doesn't supply blackberrys so we have to use our personal phones. Total bs but that is another story. I would like to figure this out so i don't have to keep using my personal minutes for business use. (I know... get another job. Can't. Just started this one. They just neglected to mention they don't supply BBs.)
  12. kendrix

    kendrix Lurker

    The reason why you dont get the pbx button at the bottom of sipdroid is because you need to have google talk loaded on there as well from the market. if you created a pbx account then log in remotely and delete it before you create the account in sipdroid. good luck.I just want to know if anyone knows for sure how to make it so when someone dials my google talk number it will come to my forwarding cell phone via sip??? anyone know that?
  13. HumorMonkey

    HumorMonkey Newbie

    Thank you for starting this thread. I've been looking into this topic, so its nice too have this info brought together in one thread. I have reservations about the security risks, so I'll keep a close eye on this topic to hear how your experiences are with this solution.
  14. lestoddschu

    lestoddschu Lurker

    Lexluthor you are my hero! I have trying to get a VOIP app to work on my rooted G-Tab for two weeks! Your instructions worked!!! I can now make and receive calls. (Quality surprisingly good by the way) I completely deleted my previous pbxes.org account and wiped out my sipdroid app that I had downloaded from market the other day, using Titanium. Then I downloaded sipdroid again and clicked on the pbxes button and the 10 minutes later I was making and receiving calls. So slick!!! If anyone out there is doing this on gtablet, you do have to use headphones to hear the caller.
  15. lestoddschu

    lestoddschu Lurker

    yes it will come through to your cell phone. Make sure that in Google Voice under "settings" and in the "Phone" tab your cell phone number is listed as a forwarding number along with your Google Chat.
  16. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Welcome. I wish I used a better title and the thread probably would have gained more traction. I know a lot of people are looking to do this and it's so easy (when it works).

    I don't think people are realizing what this thread is about.
  17. lestoddschu

    lestoddschu Lurker

    Maybe "VOIP with Google Talk + Sipdroid"? When I was googling on the topic, those were the words I was using to google the topic.
  18. kendrix

    kendrix Lurker

    Thank you for your response. I guess I should clarify, will this come through as SIP and does not use any cellular minutes?

    Thank you.
  19. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If you answer with Sipdroid then the call goes over the data network and won't use minutes.
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  20. kendrix

    kendrix Lurker

    How do I confirm that I answer it with sipdroid? I get the box to answer the call not with sipdroid??

    I appreciate the help to confirm?
  21. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Sipdroid has that slide up/down box. If you use that, that's answering with sipdoid. I haven't used it that much, but I suppose you can still answer it via the phone if your google voice forwards to both your phone and your google talk/sipdroid account.
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  22. kendrix

    kendrix Lurker

    ok I had the sipdroid up and it comes through. Anyway to let it run in the background so it does not have to remain up on the droid x screen? also i noticed that through the sipdroid i can push the slider up to answer but it shows i picked up but it just continues to ring.

    any ideas as to why that is occuring?

    Thank you
  23. comprocket

    comprocket Newbie

    This seems to have worked for me! Does it go against the minutes I have purchased in Google Voice for International Calls, or is it just using GV for the actual connection.
  24. redbullny

    redbullny Lurker

    Tried and tested = works like a charm.

    Installed it just last night on a Galaxy S running Froyo 2.2.1 (rooted, not like it matters) with sipdroid 2.0.1 beta. Has the PBX button at the bottom for making setup a breeze. To enable incoming calls, in your google voice settings you need to forward calls to your google chat (ie google account email address). I can receive and make calls and txt and transcribed voice mail txt using only my data plan via both 3G or Wifi as I have a data only plan/ sim with talk time disabled.
  25. RanT476

    RanT476 Newbie

    all i need to kno is how to get my google chat to be a phone, can someone explain that to me

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