Help Freeing up internal space "non-rooted"?

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Ok, I would like to delete a lot of the useless internal memory. Where I'm stuck is I don't know what NOT to delete. I am worried that I will delete something and screw up my phone.

The phone is NON-ROOTED
AT&T Fusion 2

Also while typing this thread there is an option below for tags, what are tags?


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Everything that can be deleted, can be deleted. You won't mess up the phone. What will mess up the phone would be deleting system apps, but those are untouchable without root.

By the way, you should root, and then undo the root when you're done. That would be the best way to approach it, because a lot of the junk is installed as a system app.

Tags are just there to help find stuff with keywords, but they're not very useful since nobody uses them. :p