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Freezing Apps question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alpha2k, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. alpha2k

    alpha2k Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I understand what freezing an app is and principle behind it.

    I'm not a TW fan really at all so I am basically trying to make this latest build of TW work like CM and and have the CM look. I have come really close to that actually, without having to install an aokp or cm rom.

    I have an AIO toggle I put on that gives me 3minit+quicktoggles so I have the 3 windowed settings look, as well as the toggles I want and I can set what ones I want that way, 3minit also does some other stuff, so I have that too.
    I have HOLO launcher HD installed so it gives the stock android feel and look. and lastly......I have gotten a cm camera that I found and am useing that.
    As far as the camera argument I personally can't see much differnece in the pic value in the cm camera and the stock TW camera.....I never have uses the affects, so that's not an issue for me, I am basically a point and shoot person

    SO all that being said I have frozen the stock TW gallery, the TW launcher, and the TW camera.
    only issue I ahve is the video player itself force closes, but yet the videos play fine in that same video player, so basically you just can't open the video player stand alone. To get around this I just hide the app from the drawer then I never see it....outta sight outta mind :)

    Everything aside from that is working nicely, so my question is, if I run for say a week this way without any issues or freezes or lockups (other than the above mentioned) is it safe to just delete that stuff I have frozen if I ran into space issues??

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  2. Codegerm

    Codegerm Android Expert

    Yes, as long as you have a launcher you can kill off the TWLauncher, and gallery can go too (I replaced mine with quickpic), and you can zot the camera app. Just make a backup of them incase you want to put them back.

    For the video player crashing issue. It happens when you just open the app, but when you call up a video from a file browser or gallery, it will play the video fine correct? That would indicate you are on Agat's kernel (1.1.0~1.4.2). For some weird reason when on that kernel the video player will crash if you just open it, but it will play videos fine if you call up the video from another app. It is a known issue, but is easily worked around.

    If you are ever worried that removing an app will bork your phone, just do a nandroid backup before doing it. That way if you do remove or freeze something you shouldn't, you are only a nandroid restore away from the fix :)
  3. alpha2k

    alpha2k Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Awsome thanks.....I may not have to worry bout it though.....dastin just fixed dat on his new kitkat rom, it's freekin amazeingly smooth and fast, and so far I havnt found a thing that does not work....aside from JB modem.
    I am now looking for a launcher, that is slim, yet smooth and has a few options of what I want...I wanna be able to do a few things but nothing major and so far everything I've tried is either a bit laggy and/or stuttery, or doesn't work well with the wallpaper, or doesn't have the options I want.

    Options I want are:
    -add desktops, and pick what desktop I want as default

    -adjust the bottom bar icons where I want (not have scroll-able bar, but just adjust each one and put what I want to. I've gotten so used to the app drawer being to the side with TW it's a REALLY hard habit to break right now so I wanna move that to the far right side.

    Have the wal paper not scroll andfit crrectly on the home screens. Right now it's off centered, and havn't found a fix yet.

    The one built in is awsome except for teh fact 1: can't move the app drawer icon, 2: can't set a default home screen. Those are 2 major options IO want for sure. I'll give up the google slide screen for those if need be.

    trebuchet launcher that comes with cm10 and below works nicely, and it is minimal in size, and does pretty much everything I want, but......I can't find an apk that works with 4.4 yet....still on the hunt.

    I'm trying nova launcher right now and it seems like it's gonna be the go to for now.

    I stupidly bought a launcher called Kitkit launcher, and it's WAY awsome, but, it only has the option to selct default home screen as right side, left side or center......I have to say really? wth, that is basically limiting you to like 3 screens, OR you have to choose a goofy setup than your used to.....bleh, paid $2.00 for it too, erg, I'm not happy about it to say the least.
    I never EVER though anyone would have so minimal choices on default home screen setting, I mean the majority of the launchers out there have at least a set default screen option, so kinda odd why they did that, dunno, all I know is I will hound them till they either say no go away or add it in
  4. Codegerm

    Codegerm Android Expert

    I know I can set the home screen on the TW launcher, but The app drawer icon is stuck at the right of the dock bar if you have anything else on it too. I can add and remove desktop screens. I never liked scrolling wallpaper so I guess I am ok with the TW launcher. I have removed apps I don't use but have backups with TB and also a nandroid.
  5. alpha2k

    alpha2k Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    well I went with Nova launcher as it has the fastest and smoothest feel with the options.
    I once used it for year, then switched to Go Ex launcher but then go ex got bloated as all getout, and still is, if not even more, then I used apex for awhile, which wasn't bad and still isn't really, then I used TW for quite a long time.
    So now that I'm back on this cm style I'm gonna stick with nova for now.

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