Help Frequent crashes


My Incredible has recently started to crash frequently and it seems to keep getting worse, now at least once or twice per day. It never crashes while I am using it, but I will go to check it later and it is dead. This is getting frustrating because I am missing calls without even knowing the phone is off. I either have to pop the battery or plug into power to force a reboot. I


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I have had a similar issue although not once or twice a day, more like once or twice per week. When mine does reboot itself, it is usually when running Slacker Radio.


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call verizon it is probably part of the harware mine used to reset a lot but it does not do it as much anymore


I have been having this problem at work, but not at home. I found that my business wireless had a signal that fluctuated between good to weak to no signal at all, up and down all day long. At home, the DSL wireless remained constant.

On a whim, I shut off the wi-fi signal from work, and pirated someone else's DSL signal. The problem stopped altogether!

It seems that the phone was on wi-fi all the time, either through GPS or searching for upgrades to the apps installed. As my signal strength fluctuated, the phone would crash in the middle of a search or download.

I have a 10 year-old router, which I have ordered a replacement for, and have been assured that it will perform much more reliably. Hope my experience helps others.