Fresh Toast 2.1 + Launcher Pro


I just installed Fresh Toast 2.1 and decided to try out Launcher Pro, since it comes with the ROM. I like it so far, but most of my widgets are gone. I assume that the widgets were from Sense UI, so is there any way I can use them in Launcher Pro?


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What are the pros and cons of each system. Why would I want to use Launcher Pro over Sense?

Live wallpapers will work with Launcher Pro, I'm not too sure about the other advantages. But I like Sense too much to change, HTC widgets, leap, etc...


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LauncherPro is MUCH faster and more stable than Sense on Fresh 2.1.1.

Personally I'm really liking having the permanent apps follow you (he's adding the ability to change what the 4 things down there are some time in the next week). Also, as someone who uses my phone in landscape mode for nav in my car, I couldn't be happier about landscape homescreens on Launcher Pro coupled with Dialer One which is a landscape capable dialer app.
I'm using Launcher Pro without LWP because I just don't want them. I like it better than Sense UI. It is fast, and I have added some widgets. Otherwise I just go into apps and flick down to what I want.