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Fresh Toast 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by androidtp, May 18, 2010.

  1. androidtp

    androidtp Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    thoughts on this ROM? I have yet to flash it.

    Aloysius is my ROM. its so pretttttyyy:D

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  2. bizarrogreg

    bizarrogreg Member

    It is the smoothest ROM I have used. Also came with 131mb free memory if, like me, you don't use apps2sd
  3. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    Toast is sitting on my sd waiting until I get antsy.... But I wanted to subscribe to this thread to hear the input.....
  4. androidtp

    androidtp Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    can you explain your reasons on why you're not using it?
  5. mysticmead

    mysticmead Android Expert

    reasons to not use apps2sd??

    how about if your SD card fails.. your screwed.. if you run the version of apps2sd that moves the system cache over to the SD card.. well.. you'd be looking at running the RUU to recover from the SD card failing. with 130mb free space that leaves a LOT of room for plenty of apps.. and really... do you need to have the entire market installed?
  6. apollomaker

    apollomaker Well-Known Member

    Hello -- if you would like to fully understand what this ROM is, and is about, you should visit the Geek-4-Me (Flipz's) web site and read about it.
    It has a different purpose and is a bit different than Fresh 2.1.

    It is not a "stable" release, but an experimental development ROM.

    Good Luck --- ;)
  7. androidtp

    androidtp Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    my thoughts exactly
  8. androidtp

    androidtp Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    wha makes it not stable? or should i just go read it again?? lol..
  9. Danokan

    Danokan Well-Known Member

    Fresh Toast isn't working on my phone.. Tried several different ways to no avail.

    I am using Fresh 2.1.1. right now and it is working fine.

    Fresh 2.1.1 and Fresh Toast 2.0 uses apps2sd but does NOT move the cache over. You have to adb command it to do it.

    Fresh Toast is a bit unstable (although seems to be working perfectly for many) because of the extra goodies.

    Overclocked, etc etc
  10. jgert2005

    jgert2005 Newbie

    I ran it yesterday. It is fast but was not the most stable. I had issues with incoming phone calls. Wiped and rebooted several times problem didnt go away. Gave flipz my info. Sounds like this bug is hit and miss. Some phones do it some dont. Other than that it was very very fast. Switched back to fresh 2.1.1 til a fix is put out for freshtoast.
  11. Danokan

    Danokan Well-Known Member

    It appears the FINAL and OFFICIAL update is upon us.

    Now we can get some really good roms :D
  12. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    I just hope they really fixed the audio loss issue and aren't dropping a deuce on us...
  13. apollomaker

    apollomaker Well-Known Member

    Flipz noted that users should not consider it a "stable release" since it is experimental. Maybe you should read it all again.
  14. Syphon

    Syphon Well-Known Member

    I believe I will stay on 2.0d until Toast is stable. Toast sounds great!
  15. apollomaker

    apollomaker Well-Known Member

    It will be interesting to see what they do with Fresh Toast. Has a lot of potential for new and interesting features.

    IMHO, Sprint's release today of the RUU for the Hero will be the last commercial Sprint ROM we will see for the Hero. So this really opens the door for new and innovative features in the Fresh and Toast ROMs.

    If you have not had a chance to visit their site, it is: Geek For Me – Android CDMA Sprint Hero

    Given all the work these dedicated folks do, it is worth supporting them as well.

    Have fun -- :D
  16. pinoy724

    pinoy724 Well-Known Member

    I will also stay with 2.0d just because I like live wallpapers on senseUI. Now if and when Fresh Toast becomes stable with live wallpapers on senseUI, I will be flashing that rom. But for now 2.0d works.
  17. bizarrogreg

    bizarrogreg Member

    Yeah, what they said :p
  18. Does Anyone know how to properly Partition a sd card? i have a 4gb mini and i wanna do it for this ROM?
  19. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Android Enthusiast

    Can anyone else running this confirm 100% awake time?

    I had it with Fresh 2.1.1 and now with Fresh Toast, but not with Fresh 2.0d.

    Any ideas how to stop it? I really like and want to continue running Fresh Toast, as it does lock up once in a while, when it works, it is really fast.
  20. apollomaker

    apollomaker Well-Known Member

    It is strange how this problem occurs randomly between units. I have never had a problem with it, regardless of what op system I was running. Works just fine. :eek: Wish there was a solution that would work on all problem units....BTW, my unit is a "with Google" version, not that that has any bearing on the issue....just FYI.
  21. okay i update while im using the ROM it just resets over and over so im just gonna wipe and flash again...
  22. armandov99

    armandov99 Member

    No good for me. Just generally not very quick (Yes, I was using SetCPU) and yesterday while using Bluetooth connection to my car it went bonkers. Slowed to a grind after the other person accidentally hung up. Couldn't do ANYTHING. Pulled the battery. Happened again. Finally I had to bring up the recovery image and do a nandroid restore (good thing I had backed up earlier in the day when flashing the new Toast).

    I appreciate what these guys do (I donated so I get the links) but this was a very unpleasant experience. I was on limited time and spent over 10 minutes before I could call this person back, meanwhile she was worried about what was going on...so I'm going back to 2.0d.
  23. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    Did you happen to see what they posted:


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