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fresh3.4.0.1+netarchy4.1.9.1 = fail

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jpkotor, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    has anyone else tried this combination? I've been on Fresh and netarchy toastmod cfs for a couple weeks. at first, battery life was somewhat dismal, but after a few days i was getting around 18 hours with moderate use. i use set cpu for some moderate underclocking under 50% battery and screen off is set to max 384. i also use juicedefender but i'm not sure how much it contributes.

    i flashed fresh a few days ago, and being satisfied with netarchy i immediately after flashed back on. the first day i was constantly unplugging and plugging so i didn't get a good idea of how it was working, but yesterday after 2 1/2 hours my battery was down to the mid 30% region (no browsing, no voice calls, probably under 20 texts), today after 3hrs 44min i'm at 17%...

    i'm not sure if i'm paranoid but i also feel like i've been getting less signal, and i don't see 4G pop up as frequently as before. i've also run into a few issues where apps like youtube have told me my data is not on even though i see a (grayed out) 3G logo at the top.

    for those of you on fresh now, have you had any similar experiences? if anyone is glad they updated, how's your performance and what kernel, etc are you using? i think for now i'm gonna restore my nandroid with but i'm just curious how its been working for others.

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  2. mdizzle99

    mdizzle99 Android Enthusiast

    Is something keeping your phone from sleeping?
  3. Putty

    Putty Android Expert

    Download a terminal and run a top 5 and see what's hitting the CPU..

    "top -m 5 -n 1"........No quotes.
  4. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert

    i tried this and did:

  5. Painkillaz

    Painkillaz Well-Known Member

    im using fresh and my battery life has never been better. I've never used setCPU and tried to use juice defender(hate that program...confusing/not straightforward to use IMO). Using stock kernal that came with 3.4. Went from with stock kernal getting around 6-8 hours with moderate use to now getting anywhere from 12-17 hours.
  6. photoculture

    photoculture Lurker

    Are you using the universal build of netarchy? Im using the aggressive universal I have had times when the phone would not connect to 3g. I just went to settings and turned off, then on, 3g. That fixed that problem.

    As far a battery life. I get great live with moderate to heavy usage. I use Juice plotter to see how my charge changes over time. If I had your drain issue, I would use the system app to see if the cpu fluctuates. I have seen it stay at max cycles for a while and the battery drained quickly. Also, the word on the forums is to not use set cpu profiles with 4.1.9. That may be your issue.
  7. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    Did you wipe dalvik ...cache and battery stats when going the new fresh rom?

    Keep in mind the kernel you are using was developed a while before the unofficial update that was incorporated into fresh 3.4......but I have seen a few posts regarding this combo working well. Check cell standby for time without signal. There could be a tower issue in your area and that would cause the connectivity issues and excessive drain. Update data and prl
  8. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i wiped dalvik and cache, i'll try wiping battery stats and giving it some time to figure itself out... how do i update data? do you mean flashing the newest radio update and prl?

    i've heard that before too, but i decided to go against it and try it out and it took a day or two but my battery life became pretty good.. i basically didn't have to plug it in from when i woke up for work at 7 til i was about ready for bed at 11, and even then it wasn't dead.
  9. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    Menu. Settings. System update. Update data and prl
  10. Wile-E

    Wile-E Newbie

    Did you wipe the caches with Clockworkmod or Amon Ra? Reports from the field claim that Clockworkmod is not completely wipe caches. Use Rom Manager to switch to Amon RA and then wipe in recovery.

    Just a thought.
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    Just want to emphasize this. some kernels just don't play nice. If you have tried all of the above and still are not happy...try a new kernel
  12. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    yea i usually flash amon ra to wipe the caches. i like to do the nandroid backing up from clockwork though because amon ra asks me to type stuff in and i can never really figure out that abd stuff.

    so what i did now was reflash fresh to restore the kernel it comes with (HTC g0f673ed) and we'll see how it goes.

    when i woke up this morning the phone was at like 116F. with fresh 3.3 and netarchy4.1.9.1 i was running under 100, even during use. i'm not sure how much of that is because it was on the charger and if it had been under my blankets. i slept with my phone in my bed because i have the flu and wanted to have it nearby. when i woke up it wasn't under my blankets but i'm not sure if it was before.. anyway it only cooled down to like 111 after a few minutes so i got rid of netarchy and now im chillin under 100F...
  13. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    nope, according to the uptime and awake time it's been sleeping..
  14. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    I dunno, not hearing the greatest experiences from fresh as far as battery and overall functionality. ive always stuck with fresh so I hope this Rom is a lot more stable than what I'm seeing
  15. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    still dismal. yesterday i got about 12 hours with moderate use, today i'm at 3 hours unplugged, light to no use (1 phone call of 3 min, 0% without signal) and i've got under 50% battery remaining. I am using fresh with the stock kernel. setcpu profiles on for 245 max screen off, and 883 max <50% battery, 844 max <25%. I was regularly getting 18 hours with and netarchy cfs fresh compatible (and yes, i mixed setcpu profiles with netarchy!).

    i am going to give fresh 3.4 a shot with a couple other kernels. someone posted a good experience with cfs universal with less aggressive undervolting... i might try that.

    i'm pretty new to this so im hesitant to step outside my comfort zone haha. fresh + netarchy was the first thing i tried and it worked pretty well and my battery life became great after a day or two.
  16. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    have you done a test WITHOUT using profiles in setpcu?

    it jsut really sounds like something such as an app is contributing to your battery drain....and you made a comment of 4g popping up...are you leaving that on constantly?
  17. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i didn't give it much of a shot but when i was still on fresh 3.4 and netarchy i turned off profiles for a couple hours and it was still pretty bad.

    i sometimes leave it on, depending where i am. since my day to day schedule is about the same its on the same amount of time that it was before when i was on fresh 3.3, and i was still getting good battery life and performance then.
  18. wake69

    wake69 Android Expert

    try netarchy 4.2 i am getting better battery life than 4.1.8 cfs
    jpkotor likes this.
  19. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i'll give it a go, thanks for the suggestion.
  20. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i'm downloading the one from your sig. is 4.2 different than 4.2.1? i can't find a link to 4.2 on the netarchy toastmod xda thread.
  21. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    one last thing wake... which governor are you using with netarchy? smartass?
  22. wake69

    wake69 Android Expert

    Yes, i am using the smartass governor and upon looking at the xda site 4.2.1 is the release out now

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