frg018 build and battery usage


My battery usage.since updating has been awful. When I look at what has been using my battery Display has been the heavy user typically between 41 and 51% even though I have it set for a 30 second timepieces. Is anyone else seeing this?


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No issues here.... But I also did a hard reset after forcing upgrade... I just wanted a clean install, and mine only uses about 20 % during my eight hour shift with a few calls, 40 or so texts, and browsing this forum for a bit now...


IIRC, FroYo also includes an updated kernel that OCs the CPU just a bit - from 550 MHz to 800 MHz.

If you have apps that run in the background all the time, they could be sucking your battery dry.

A factory reset followed by re-installation of all you apps *may* help the situation.