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Friend's phone keeps corrupting MicroSD cards

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PacificaBren, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Member
    Thread Starter

    I see that there are several existing threads on this subject, but I don't see a definite fix.

    My friend's phone is a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII running ICS. It's corrupted more than one MicroSD card, though I can't say whether the cards are from different manufacturers.

    I guess my biggest question is whether doing a factory reset might make the problem go away? I would assume that's what T-Mobile would want us to try.

    If that is a possible fix, is there any way to back up her apps, contacts, and settings before doing the reset?


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  2. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog

    First what do you mean by corrupted the card? How did it corrupt it?
    A factory reset will only remove user data cache and dalvic. If she has a corrupt system file that is causing the damage then all this would be for naught.

    For backup try

    For SDCARD Backup try our very own utility found here in A Backup Routine for us All. or you could just drag and drop what ever is easiest for you to do.
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  3. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Member
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your swift reply. I believe she gets a message telling her the card is corrupt.

    When she uses a car adapter to plug it into her Windows machine after it's been corrupted, she generally can't see the files on it. But I don't think that's totally consistent.

    I plugged it into my Mac and I was able to see all the files and back them up for her. Then I reformatted the card and gave it back to her. I expect it'll probably get corrupted again soon.

    This thing you said about the possibility that she might have a corrupted system file...

    How does one check for that or fix it?
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  5. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Member
    Thread Starter

    I believe she has previously formatted the card in the phone, probably after it got corrupted. I'm confused by your question regarding whether she's using the right one, though. Wouldn't all MicroSD cards pretty much be appropriate for all phones that use MicroSD cards?
  6. There are different classes of cards and corresponding price differences.

    I don't have your phone. The last phone I have with a removable card is the Droid Bionic and it uses a Micro SD card that is Class 10.

    The article at ... Secure Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... has a table listing them.

    Her users guide should list what is requiresd.

    ... Thom
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  7. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Member
    Thread Starter

    Ah, thanks for clarifying.

    I'm still curious about this possibility that she may have a corrupted system file. Is that something that can be fixed by "flashing the ROM" or whatever?
  8. I thought this was an SD-Ext card that was being discussed.

    The starting point is to make sure you are using the correct class of card from a reputable manufacturer. If the price seems too good to be true it probably is. It is vey likely if the phone is less than three years old that it needs a Class 10 card. Check the users guide for your phone.

    The next step would be to format it in the phone. You indicated that you had formatted it on your desktop.

    ... Thom
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  9. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Member
    Thread Starter

    I formatted it for her once, after recently using my desktop to retrieve her files form it, 'cause her desktop couldn't see the card.

    Given that this wasn't the first time the card had become corrupted, I suspect she's previously used her phone to format it. I will ask her about that, and I'll also ask her to confirm that it's at least a class 10. Thanks!
  10. The article I posted will show her how to find the class code in the label that is printed on the card. It is a little challenging until you see it the first time.

    ... Thom
  11. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Member
    Thread Starter

    I had her check, and it turned out she was using a class 4 SD card. D-oh!

    I've ordered her a class 10 card. Thank you all for all your help. Hopefully this will fix her problems.
  12. Please let us know if it solves the problem.

    ... Thom
  13. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Member
    Thread Starter

    I certainly will. Naturally, she'll have to use it for a while before we can determine whether the problem's gone away.

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