Friends, that complain about their phones


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Do you guys have friends that complain that their phones are slow or a P.O.S, and ask you to help? Then, you see all their screens look like a Scrabble game, 100+ texts and 10-15 tabs open. And they bang on the screen icons, rushing them to open.

When you try to show them how to get it running smooth, they just want you to fix it, lol.


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I have a friend who totally relies on me to keep his computers and phone working right.

bless him, he does not add anything, and will not allow anyone to make any changes....


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I have "fixed" so many co-worker's phones by soft resets/battery pulls, it is not even funny.

Even a stinking iphone a few times. SMH. :p

zuben el genub

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I don't fix it - but I have a friend that accepts every download Sprint puts out. She doesn't bother to see what difference an update to anything will do and then complains that the phone is no longer working right. I keep telling her to read before she downloads.

All of the carriers, OS, Apps have put out buggered updates on occasion. Those get fixed rather fast, but some get caught in between.
Since my friend doesn't read, she's clueless.

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I have this issue with computers and phones most of the time it's something you would think anyone would have knowledge with or about.. It's amusing sometime and hair pulling the next. I come to realize not everyone can walk and chew gum at the same time..


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My poor, technologically impaired Darling Bride is under the impression that she can make the phone respond faster if she bangs on the icons rather than gently tapping them. I try to explain to her that she's not intimidating it into submission: tapping the icons will do the exact same thing as banging on them, with the added benefit of less wear on the touchscreen.

I DID manage to teach her to clear out her running apps from time to time. First time I checked her sluggish phone I was stunned to see almost every app on her phone open in Recents :thinking:

Next trick: teach her to actually reboot the phone every once in awhile - wish me luck!