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FriendStream/People sync issues - Found a trend... privacy settings

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DroidGnome, Jun 26, 2010.

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    May 25, 2010

    May 25, 2010
    Ok I've been noticing an odd trend on my HTC Friendstream/People application interaction.

    First, this is not about Friendstream's widget not updating.. we all know there are issues there...

    However, I'm wondering how many of you see photos from your friends in either the widget or on your PC, but CANNOT get to them from your Phone?

    For example.. I see my newborn cousin pictured in a friends stream on the widget.. I click on it to see the full album and it takes me to what appears to be the same screen in the People/Contacts app for pictures.. but then I get a message "No Albums can be found"

    I tried going straight from the contact app to the person's facebook photos (it's linked in my contacts) and the same message.

    I try the OFFICIAL facebook app on the phone, and it sees everything without a problem...

    After playing with my own profile I found out that if the person's privacy settings for Updates/Photos/Wall are set to anything but "Everyone", then HTC's implementation of the sync cannot get access to it!

    Since it does know who I am and am logged in (otherwise I'd never get links and friend lists) I can't understand why they didn't see this before.

    The official app works fine, but doesn't integrate with contacts.

    I don't want to have to tell my friends "Hey remove your privacy settings" as they'd never do that and I wouldn't want them to.

    Anyone seen a solution for this? It effectively makes HTC's widgets somewhat limited in use. I wonder if anyone's seen this before (tried to search and didn't see mention of it anywhere on the internet) and if so what HTC's response is? I put a support email into them but haven't heard back yet.


    PS- There's another app "Just Pictures" that also can read facebook pictures and it too has the same problem.. wondering now if it's some odd facebook restriction on 3rd party apps.

    EDIT: Ok.. think I might have stumbled upon the problem if anyone else notices this...

    I need to verify this, waiting on a friend atm, but looks to be the best explaination:
    If you're seeing this have the person who's photos your missing check the following area in Facebook's settings:
    Account -> Privacy Settings -> Applications and Websites (Far bottom left of screen) -> Info Accessable Through Your Friends.

    It seems facebook lets people determine not just who can access items on the profile, but HOW they access items.



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