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Fring down now....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nitty917, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. nitty917

    nitty917 Member
    Thread Starter

    Having problems with Fring, forgot my user tried to create new account, wont let me do that too

  2. SteveChiller

    SteveChiller Member

    been happening to me also, right when I tried to do a video call. thought it was just me.
  3. dylan88

    dylan88 Android Expert

    i thought it was just me...
  4. reiththestud

    reiththestud Android Enthusiast

    I was wondering why I couldn't log in.
  5. jdmlvr07

    jdmlvr07 Newbie

    not Working for me either.......:(
  6. dylan88

    dylan88 Android Expert

    everyone be sure to send in a "ticket" to let them know about it. i did.
  7. swazey

    swazey Newbie

    Downloaded today and tried to create an account but kept receiving "registration failure" message and Skype seems only avail on Verizon, what gives?
  8. DougFunny

    DougFunny Member

    yeah everytime i try to register it says registration failed
  9. modern

    modern Member

    I'm finally logged in.
  10. Oridus

    Oridus Android Enthusiast

    Anybody wanna test it out? I'm bored.
  11. swazey

    swazey Newbie

    Registration works now!
  12. BlueScreen

    BlueScreen Well-Known Member

    anyone tested this out? I mean will this work EVO to EVO ?

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