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Frolf Fanatic - The ultimate disc golf app has arrived!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jmoney1217, Jul 20, 2013.

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    Check out a new app, Disc Golf Fanatic on Google Play Store today!


    Have you ever found yourself wondering where the basket for a hole is? Or the tee for the next hole? Have you ever tried to remember what you scored the last time you played this course? Disc Golf Fanatic will help you with all of these things and much much more!

    This app was written by disc golf lovers who couldn't find what they wanted in an existing Android app. Professionals, enthusiasts and casual disc golfers alike will find this app easy to use, and helpful for keeping statistics or just simply finding a place to play.

    Please check it out and leave feedback on Google+ or Facebook!!


    Play Store Description:

    Get ready to make the most of your disc golf game (AKA frolf or frisbee golf, depending on who you ask).
    Use GPS to mark your throw, tee and basket locations while playing a game. View detailed hole maps for courses marked by fellow app users. Earn badges as you play, track your game history and measure your drive distance and number of putts. Find new courses and store your favorites.
    Play 5 games for free on the trial version before upgrading to the full version. Your game history will carry over via the magic of the cloud.
    >>Leverage the power of the disc golf community and be a contributing member in marking individual tee and basket locations so you can see an accurate layout of each hole on a course.
    >>Your game history includes your exact throw data for every hole in that game, showing your path from the tee to the basket and automatically keeping track of your drive distance and number of putts and any badges that you earned.
    >>Don't worry about losing any of your game history. It's all stored on the cloud and accessible on any of your Android devices.
    >>Earn badges for a hole in one, birdie, eagle and other achievements.

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