Root From 2.2 to Android Gingerbread 2.3


Hi Guys.

I would like to install Android 2.3 on my unbranded desire, but im not sure which one is stable and how to do it exactly. The other thing, is it possible to restore the firmware back as original? Please if you dont mind explain me how to do it by step. I would be very grateful for your help! :)


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The FAQs (SUroot's sigs) answer most of the questions - if anything still isn't clear, do ask.

I'm using GingerVillain 1.0, and although it's only been out 1 day it's been fine so far, as have the previous versions, so I'm happy to say it's stable from my personal experience. Be aware that you don't get HTC's Sense software with 2.3 - that's not been released yet - but those of us using 2.3 are people who prefer straight Android plus 3rd party apps (e.g. LauncherPro in my case).


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Be aware that you don't get HTC's Sense software with 2.3

Hi there Hadron.

One thing that I haven't been able to figure out about going from Sense to Gingerbread is whether you lose the ability to sync contacts with Facebook. I'm a big fan of this feature, purely for the fact that their contact picture always matches what is on Facebook.

Can you please let me know whether or not this is purely a Sense feature?

Thanks in advance.


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Firstly, don't confuse "Sense" and Gingerbread". Gingerbread is Android 2.3 whereas Sense is a userinterface HTC use for their Android-running hardware and covers all HTC-approved flavours of Android.

As far as I recall the Facebook Contacts feature is something rolled up in Sense so you'd lose this, although I suspect there may be a mod you can download that gives this feature once you've installed GV - but don't quote me on that.


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Hi Turbohobbit, sorry if my wording didn't make it clear but I am aware of the differences between Sense and Gingerbread. Thank you for clearing that up, hopefully someone that is currently using a Gingerbread ROM will be able to confirm? =)


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Yes i think so (maybe just the first time), but you still have the dodgy issue where if it syncs back to google, the resolution goes down.

I actually use "Syncmypix" to pull down facebook images and then I turn off google contact sync.


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That sounds hopeful then.

I'm sorry to hijack your thread xmg, after clearing up my issue, I may be in the same boat as you.

I'm currently using LeeDroid but I may look to switch over to a Gingerbread ROM, keep us posted on any experiences you have.