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From China's Android market

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by BinZ, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Dear Developers:

    We are the company Ruina who specialized for Android applications development and marketing in China. We commit to help American developers to earn customers in mainland China.

    As we all know, China has around 1.3 billion people, where smart phone users are estimated to be more than 400 million. The market is also growing with the rapid 20% annual growth rate especially for Android applications. It gonna be the largest mobile application market in the near future. One well designed app can be really successful in China. For instance, if a popular app is downloaded by 1/10 of whole smart phone users and each user pays $1, there gonna be a $ 40 million business. Besides, Chinese Android users prefer to download app from third party app store ( 360 store, pea cod store, etc) rather than Google play, which requires specialized app promotion and marketing.

    We will make it easier for you to open up this huge market. And we will assist you to develop the Chinese version. ( We can work together to complete the Chinese version of the development based on Chinese consumer's custom and interest).

    Our services:
    1 Assistance on the development of Chinese version based on local understanding on Chinese consumer's interest.
    2 Strong marketing efforts on promoting your application.
    3 Customer service and assistance for Chinese users.
    4 Build Communication between app developers and users for the timely market feedback and suggestions for improvement.

    Our advantages:
    1 We have an international team with strong communication skills.
    2 We have a deep local understanding of Chinese consumer and environment.
    3 We are experts in application marketing and promotion.

    Our requirements:
    1 We do not require developers to pay us, we ask for Chinese version's revenue in return.
    2 We require partial equity for Chinese version.
    3 The criteria is negotiable.

    Thank you for your time and understanding.

    Kind Regards,

    Bin Zhu

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