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From iphone to sgs2!!! Battery drain?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Strakekine, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Strakekine

    Strakekine Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,
    I am from luxembourg and as my title says, I had an iphone since the first one... I decided to switch to android and bought the galaxy s2! Amazing phone, but i was very unhappy about battery life. I used it from 7 in the morning (fully charged) and at 10 p.m it was almost empty....with almost no usage at all:-(
    So i begann reading a lot and now i registered to your forum.
    So i tried a lot... But no mather which app I uninstalled, the android OS stayed at 40% of usage and the battery drain was incredible. In the battery chart it was like the phone was constantly awake.
    Finally i read somewhere that i could switch off the auto-rotation...tried it...didn't work!
    So i made a factory reset yesterday and today after 10 hoirs of "usage" (cannot really use it at work so it is in standby) I only lost about 10% (before reset it was like 70%)!!!! i noticed that the auto-rotation is still of and i didn't try to switch it back on...will try that tomorrow...
    So i am really happy about the drain (apparently) being gone for now... Hope it stays that way;-)
    But my question is: in battery chart the android OS is still at 26% and android system at 5%!!!
    What is the difference between those 2 and why is this OS still at 26%!??? i read it was supposed to be at around 6% also... Imagine the battery with OS only at 6%;-)))))
    do you have any suggestions on what to do next, or do you think I should be happy the way it is now?

    2) used to jailbreak all my iphones.... I am still not sure about rooting...seems more difficult than jailbreak process.... Is there a good guide with all the explanations? Does rooting mean jailbreaking? Or is putting a new ROM only the "jailbreak"? I don't really understand it...seemed more easy on iphone...
    Oh and yeah: can i root on mac? Don't have a PC!

    Thanks guys


  2. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Extreme Android User

    If your phone is on standby for most the day the OS battery drain will be higher as it is pretty much the the only thing running. The best way I found to save battery is to download a quick settings app which lets you toggle mobile data on and off. This along with turning sync off when you don't need it means that I can get over 2 days of moderate use from one charge.

    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    7-10 seems pretty good to me with moderate usage. I'd be happy with that!
  4. colonels

    colonels Newbie

    I'm also coming from iPhone 4 and battery drain is little weirder
    Remember that android is true multi tasking where iPhone was really only single task with stored states
    Remove all apps and start fresh. Wifi off
    Add few apps at a time and monitor usage. anything that does background data checks set to 1 hour or more
    In standby mode I'll lose about 1% an hour just off these background data syncs
    I've also had battery heat up and drain like crazy for no reason. Only way to fix this is reboot. In fact power down once a day is good habit
    All in all this phone beats iPhone 4 even with all quirks
  5. colonels

    colonels Newbie

    Also properly exiting out of apps is key to minimizing background CPU usage
    It's do easy to hit the physical home button and forget that u left that app open
    Menu key usually has exit button or kill the app in task manager later
  6. Strakekine

    Strakekine Lurker
    Thread Starter

    6% would be android system...not OS! Android OS is at 26%..
    Still only lost about 30% now instead of 85% for the last days.
    Hope that doesn't change when i install new apps!
    Is your sgs2 also heating a lot when you use it a bit (right next to the camera at the back)...?
  7. colonels

    colonels Newbie

    yes thats where it gets hot especially if u use it outside on a hot day
    in 70 degree inside temps it doesnt usually get hot even with activity

    also doing a complete battery drain and then full charge will also reset your battery "memory" on li-on they say... just once a month not every charge

    for me it took about 7 charges before my battery life stabilized and got better, people quitting after 3 days didnt give it a chance

    as for the random super hot and quick battery drain... i havent figured out what app or stuck operation is causing it, only happened 2 times after heavy usage and in hot weather... and when i tried to recharge it charged REALLY slow like the CPU was using too much energy even while charging... but rebooting phone seemed to fix it

    thankfully it has a quick boot up time :)
  8. Strakekine

    Strakekine Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am not talking about 2-3 days, but 2-3 weeks... For 2-3 weeks i had an awfull battery life and couldn't come over a day of usage... So i did this factory reset and everything is fine now...
    Had a whole day of normal usage and i am at 50% usage....
    Android os went down in the evening from 26% to 16% now...
    Hope this stays like this
  9. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Rooting dont get no easier than this. App is free. Just go to Amazon market on your phone and get it. Or do it from there if you know how to install. Click on app after this link to read more details before trying to make sure GS2 is compatible but basically after install, open app on phone, click on Root....DONE! To unroot...open App, click on Unroot, ...DONE!

  10. Genetic

    Genetic Guest

  11. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Z4Root got taken out of the Android Market. Whoever runs the market be it Google or whoever rtook all the rooting apps out. It wasnt done by the Dev and why you can still get it in Amazon.

    I have used superoneclick before though so it does work. Just isnt as easy.
  12. Genetic

    Genetic Guest

    they both seem to do the exact same thing, lol
  13. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Well yeah...all rooting is , is giving yourself permission to be the superuser of your phone. Meaning you can get into your own files and edit them or remove them via Root Explorer or another Root file manager like Astro File Manager. Thats all it does.
    Also allows you to take screen shots with the App ShootMe and use some other Apps that require your phone to be rooted.
  14. Genetic

    Genetic Guest

    oops, sry i meant both apps do the same thing. but yea, i originally was sort of against rooting since it seemed it was a pain to unroot. these apps make it very easy.

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