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From Touch HD (Blackstone) to Captivate?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sschrupp, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. sschrupp

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    So I've been reading all sorts of threads praising the Captivate or labeling it as a piece of junk.

    Has anyone upgraded to the Captivate from a Touch HD? I've had it for a while now. I can't even recall when it first was released. I just know I paid a ton of money to have it shipped to the US. And I've always been a bit disappointed with it.

    Windows Mobile has been kind of fun. I like to tinker with things. I like that I can try custom ROMs, change the UI, run all sorts of software and games.

    But this Touch HD is just slowly getting on my nerves and I thought heading to Android might be a good time. Never touched it before though. I love the idea that it's so open and that there's tons of apps being developed. It definitely seems to me like a good change from Windows Mobile.

    The biggest complaints I hear about the Captivate is the GPS and that it doesn't have Froyo. It sounds though like these are temporary situations. I rarely ever use GPS anyhow. And I'm pretty confident that if Samsung doesn't push Froyo out soon that there will be some geniuses in the community who'll figure it out first.

    I've played around with my fiance's iPhone and it just doesn't do it for me.

    So does anyone have any thoughts on going from Windows Mobile phones, or the Touch HD specifically, to the Captivate?

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