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Support Front facing Camera

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by watsyurface, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. watsyurface

    watsyurface Newbie
    Thread Starter

    has anyone managed to get a video chat app to work with the front facing camera? the apps cant seem to detect it


  2. watsyurface

    watsyurface Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes, fring used my back camera as well
  3. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    Have you tried Google Talk for video?
  4. tchen811

    tchen811 Member

    I use Qik Video. Works with front facing camera.
  5. naviwilliams

    naviwilliams Android Enthusiast

    Does Tango work on Android? If yes, can someone try it, to see if it works with the front facing camera?
  6. watsyurface

    watsyurface Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Qik didnt work either :( they all use the rear camera. I know the ffc works because of the camera app. But none of the video chat apps seem to detect it
  7. barry99705

    barry99705 Android Expert

    Talk doesn't do video on mobiles yet. Unless you've got the honeycomb version laying around..... ;)
  8. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    The way it works on the Nokia phones is to initiate the call from the GTalk PC client. The phone would then "answer" via video. Unfortunately dialing "from the phone" to another phone, or desktop client, does not work.
  9. rad204

    rad204 Newbie

    anybody get the front facing to work on a video calling app. no luck on yahoo messenger
  10. instrucrat1

    instrucrat1 Newbie

    I tried to use QIK but camera to use for recording option is disabled and back camera is default selection. Any change required to use front camera?
  11. mgymnop

    mgymnop Member

    Have you installed Qik for Motorola (Atrix)? Search for it in the market....
  12. instrucrat1

    instrucrat1 Newbie

    Thank you. Working now with QIK for Moto. Earlier tried with QIK Video.
  13. aztooh

    aztooh Well-Known Member

    Yahoo messenger doesn't even give me an option to initiate a video chat...??
  14. k00ey

    k00ey Member

    Press the menu button then hit video chat/call it'll let you know that you need the yahoo video ad-on. Even with that though, it only works with the back camera, not the front like others have stated.

    I haven't tried Qik for Moto myself but it seems to be the only app thats working for the Atrix's FFC
  15. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

    Qik works well with front facing camera.
  16. whatsvictory

    whatsvictory Lurker

    I have a Motorola AFRICA 4G with a fromy facing camera and it works well with tango and Skype and for taking videos and pictures of myself but I want to try using it for web based chat rooms like tinychat.com. Any suggestions for that folks?
  17. kansas666

    kansas666 Lurker

    Skype is now working with the FFC

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