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Froyo = 2.1 in disguise!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BlueIce5249, May 20, 2010.


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  1. Froyo is the best treat ever (2.2)!

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  1. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Now that we're learning more and more about Froyo (besides what we already knew - that it's a tasty tasty treat!) am I the only one that thinks this is the update that we were all REALLY waiting for when 2.1 when was released? It's got flash, a better dock launcher, faster browser, better system memory management, ability to save apps to SD Card, etc. What do you think?

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  2. clos1084

    clos1084 Well-Known Member

    Everything that will be released in 2.2 is most of reasons I currently root

    cant wait!
  3. kbza66

    kbza66 Newbie

    Now, the waiting game begins...
  4. jamo

    jamo Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I am hoping that there will be a release from HTC or Motorola with the launch of Froyo. I'm up for an upgrade, and my Droid has been pissing me off lately; it still seems buggy after almost 6 months and 1 return. Froyo looks great to me!
  5. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I hope Verizon doesn't disable the tethering and wifi hotspot capabilities.
  6. Haywire

    Haywire Android Enthusiast

    Rooting will give you tethering now.
  7. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I have tethering now w/out root, but the wifi hotspot will be awesome if its not blocked! It seems like Froyo is trying to remove any need to root or DL launcher apps or similar ones.
  8. Haywire

    Haywire Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, hotspot would be cool. I was thinking of getting a 3g connect card before I rooted but with wifi tethering there's no need
  9. caustic

    caustic Guest

    I would be really worried if Verizon didn't disable tethering. We all know how they frown on it, so if they don't disable it, that probably means they're tracking the data used through it some how.
  10. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Tethering itself isn't even disabled now. The question is whether or not they will disable the wifi hotspot or not. I don't think anyone expects them to completely disable tethering all together. I think they may keep the wifi hotspot, if nothing else it will put them ahead of ATT and possibly force ATT to use the same features on their already crappy network.
  11. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Android Expert

    nope, I think 2.1 is 2.1 and 2.2 is 2.2 - just the way it seems
  12. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    I thought all the new version speculation was gone now that we have 2.1. Oh boy...
  13. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Android Expert

    "Now, with the 2.2 update, you can store your apps on a microSD card."

    this is one of my fav additions personally.
  14. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Verizon currently does not block the tethering options available in the Market (e.g. PDANet and EasyTether, which are currently USB/Bluetooth only). PLUS the Palm Pre Plus tethering (which includes a wifi hotspot) is available for free on Verizon. Therefore, I think the chances look good, although we'll admittedly have to wait for confirmation (as well as the actual release date).
  15. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    I'll like it if it's not tied specifically to the installation of Android on the phone. I switch ROMs constantly and not having to download everything over and over would be a godsend.

    Verizon has no choice in the matter; it's all about whether or not Google allows the tethering apps in the Market. And honestly, the only reason the Palm Pre Plus has free tethering is because Verizon needed to give people an incentive to buy a crappy phone from a dying company.
  16. caustic

    caustic Guest

    That was the point I was making. Verizon can't stop the tethering apps from the market, but they can disable tethering from the rom released for the droid. They don't like willy nilly tethering, so if the 2.2 update does include it, I'd assume that they modified the rom so Verizon has a way of tracking which data is used through tethering and which is not.
  17. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    The third party options like PdaNet will still be available to you and you can bet that if Verizon disables tethering in the Droid's Froyo ROM, custom ROMs will appear to re-enable it.
  18. caustic

    caustic Guest

    Definitely. I'm just saying, if 2.2 OTA comes with tethering enabled... I'm going to let other people play with it first before I try turning it on XD
  19. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    Heh, well no, if the 2.2 OTA lets us tether, I'll assume that means Verizon isn't going to do anything about it. If they include it in the ROM, that obviously means it's okay for use... :p
  20. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah I know, I've been using PDANet for awhile, I was talking about the wifi hotspot tethering.
  21. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    I don't think Verizon will disable the tethering option, but they will probably ask you to pay $30 a month to use it.
  22. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The only way I'll ever root is if I need to do it to get a wifi hotspot.
  23. mobrienjr

    mobrienjr Android Enthusiast

    I doubt that they will disable tethering due to the fact that TMobile/Sprint/any other carrier allows it. They might charge extra like Sprint is doing with the 4G network. Extra $10 a month to use it with the Evo...
  24. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

    I am not going to resort to name calling like you did, but damn man...WTF is your problem?

    Also, you should learn to READ a bit better. He was NOT calling Verizon a dying company. He was referring to PALM. He is right also. Palm as we now know it is dead. It has been swallowed by HP...Just thought I should CLEAR that up for you...

    And actually google DOES have something to do with allowing apps in the market (or not). They simply allow anything that is non offensive (or requested to be pulled). ESPN said they did not have an android app because google is too slow in pulling off apps that have the ESPN name, content, logo, etc. Notice they did not say google DOESN'T do it, just that they are too slow. I know for a fact, that several ESPN apps have been pulled at ESPN's request, so your argument is invalid...

    **EDIT** I should report your post, but since you only have 8 posts here, I will give you a break. If you continue to post in this manner, I would venture to bet a ban will come to you...

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