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Froyo 2.2 and 800 Mhz

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hikersc, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. hikersc

    hikersc Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It seems like a read somewhere that the performance increase on the Motorola Droid running Froyo 2.2 (Build FRG22D) was due to a kernal that increased the cpu clockspeed to 800 Mhz (unrooted). The unit cpu clockspeed was originally 550 Mhz. I was thinking about rooting but if the current clockspeed is 800 Mhz without rooting, then I might not as overclocking to 1 Ghz might not make that much difference.

    Can anyone give me some guidance on this issue?

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  2. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert

    Well actually it was pushed to 600mhz in the froyo update, not 800mhz.
  3. Sulfur

    Sulfur Member

    Current stock kernel will support 800 if rooted, however.
  4. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert

    yea thats the only way you would be able to reach 800mhz, is if you rooted and overclocked to 800mhz with set CPU. Otherwise 600mz is where motorola underclocked it.
  5. hikersc

    hikersc Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for everyone's help. This is exactly the information that I needed.
  6. RevJonG

    RevJonG Lurker

    I know many will think this is a stupid question and some might point out it has been answered (though I could not find it with search); to them I apologize... :eek:

    Is it possible to reach 800 Mhz with some sort of "one touch root" and then just install "set cpu" (no roms etc)?

    If so can I get a little guidance?

    (and if it is possible to go higher than 800 Mhz without jumping through a "custom rom" hoop I would love to know how also)

    Thank you!!!!! :D

  7. myriad46

    myriad46 Lurker

    You're talking about 2 separate things here. Root and Overclocking. Root can be accomplished with many of the One-touch methods, or in a more traditional fashion using a PC. I chose the more traditional, but many people are happy with the "Easy Roots" of the world.

    Once you are rooted, you gain the rights to play around with system settings, such as processor speed. This however is also governed by the kernal. The kernal is kind of the isntruction manual for the processor, memory and other hardware. Stock 2.2 only knows how to go up to 800mhz. So, if you root and download setcpu, you should be able to go to 800 without a problem. If you want to go higher, you'll need to flash a different kernal that tells the hardware how to go higher. Some people are running at 1.2 and higher without a problem. Keep in mind, though, at those speeds, your are likely to not get years out of the phone.
  8. Sulfur

    Sulfur Member

    Simple answer, yes.

    Guidance? Choose the root method you prefer, then install SetCPU (if that's your preferred program) and crank it up. I haven't used a one click root method, but if there is a working one available, it will suffice.
  9. RevJonG

    RevJonG Lurker

    I did the one click... I down loaded set cpu. I am at 800.

    Now maybe I will be brave enough for the next step which leads me to:

    what is the best custom rom that does not change much (I want my familiar phone to sort of look the same just "act better") and what is the easiest way to put it "in there?"

    I will go read the rooting guide over again and again

  10. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    BBV.5 is probably what you're looking for. Pete has done a lot of optimizations in the system without changing really anything in terms of a theme. Stock UltimateDroidV1.0 works a lot better on my Droid, but it's got a bit of color and theming thrown throughout.

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