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Froyo 2.2 and Exchange: Exchange no longer works

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by digital0verdose, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. digital0verdose

    Thread Starter

    Did anyone else's Exchange E-mail stop working with the 2.2 update?

    After sitting at "Checking incoming server settings..." for a bit it says "Unable to open connection to server".

    All the inputs are correct and the server is running just fine and is accessible by others in the company though I am the only one using the Droid.

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  2. jkb458

    jkb458 Lurker

    I have the same issue that you described.

    I contacted Verizon this morning and muddled through the roaming update and other trivial tasks with the Tier 1 Tech. The Tier 1 Tech transfered me to the Tier 2 where there were more checks, but no solutions. After a while, the Tier 2 Tech instructed me to verify my settings with my company's IT department (I'm in that group ;) ) and then contact Motorola if I was still experiencing the same issue. All of my settings are correct.

    I called Motorola and went through the voice prompts and was told the wait for Tech Support was 45 minutes to 1 hour. I was offered a call-back and I accepted. I've still not heard from them (it's been 8+ hours as of now).

    About 15 minutes ago, I created an account on Motorola's website and created an email ticket with their Tech Support. I'll update when I hear anything back from them.

  3. digital0verdose

    Thread Starter

    Awesome Jeff! Thank you!
  4. kkluesner

    kkluesner Newbie

    Interested too! same error here.
  5. lwarzy

    lwarzy Lurker

    Same problem here. Too bad there aren't more business users on Android phones... this is one helluva problem/PIAA for me since I'm traveling for work this week. :mad:
  6. jkb458

    jkb458 Lurker

    OK, I promised an update as soon as I knew more info. I just disconnected from a chat with a Motorola Tier 2 associate. I had to initiate a chat with them since they never responded to my requested call-back, or the email ticket that I created.

    The Moto T2 indicated that since I did not receive the update OTA from Vz, that I had two options: "the phone can be taken in your carrier and if possible they and it is up to them can exchange the phone or we ask that you wait till the official update is pushed to you."

    She went on to say that the official update from my carrier will correct the Exchange Mail issue. I asked specifically if the update from my carrier would include FRG22. She said that it would.

    She offered a work-around in the interim of using Touch Down Mail from the Android Market.

    I asked when the OTA updates would resume. She responded, "...the batches will continue over the next few weeks and we don't know of a specific order."

    I guess it's back to the waiting game...

  7. digital0verdose

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info Jeff.

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