FroYo 2.2 installed on the Incredible!!!

So...I was looking at the mainpage of, and under their article for manually updating the N1 to 2.2, under the comments section, comment 104: "I tried this on my HTC Incredible and now I have 2.2 on my INCREDIBLE !!! And its working GREAT !!!!! WHOOO HOOOO !!"

How is this possible? Does anyone believe there is any credibility to this? If I was to try the same process for putting 2.2 on my incredible as the website states is for the N1, will it have any negative effects on my phone?? Any comments would be appreciated, but please no flaming :eek:


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I installed Froyo 2.2 on my 99 Camaro and man its so freakin fast!!!!!!!!!
lol, BS!!!
On serious note I would like to see it soon though, will make the Inc very superb
with the extras involved


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Hmmm...? I think I can wait for the official release update. Don't want to mess up my DI for no reason. LOL :D

2.2 is going to be like putting it on steroids from the looks of it. :cool:


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TROLLED Lets run down reasons not

1) looking at update, it checks for a specific build of the n1 rom, not the incredible
2) GSM not cdma
3) n1 specific radio, would probably brick incredible
4) Incredible is a HTC/Verizon phone, dont expect any quick working updates.
5) PIX or GTFO