froyo 2.2 picture taken with evo looks way better


we atleast to me what do you guys think??


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no if i was trying to show off my mics id so off my blue mics... this was just an example of pics i thought came out nice on the evo. sorry for sharing.

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It's always hit or miss with my camera, seems like the planets haft to be inline to get a decent pic

I just think most people either dont wait for the auto focus or dont use Tap to focus...Because when you use the focus feature the pictures for me atleast always come out great...most people jus open the camera app and snap a picture..They dont take the time like a regular camera

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i just wish we had more control over the focus. sometimes the autofocus is wacky and doesnt take a picture when something is clearly in focus


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I wish there was a way to map a hardware button to snap the picture -- tapping the screen to do it usually causes the camera to move enough that it causes a little blur in the picture.


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If you want to tap to focus, you have to turn off auto-focus in settings first. But definitely do it.

I wish someone (Google? XDA?) Would make it so that the volume rocker could be used as a shutter button.


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yeah pictures always look good to me but try to take one in the dark (person in particular) and it looks like they bump up the flash i used to like it with the flash but know it looks too bright and since there is not macro macro mode flash looks too bad, other then that great for daytime