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Froyo afterthoughts !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jgalan14, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Well after having froyo for like 5 days(yeah .3) i'm really happy with it, i know i see a lot people complaining and saying that it was over hyped, well it all depends of what you knew about the OS, in my case i got what i wanted(almost all of it), been able to use froyo apps (even tho is not the many) but probably will be better in 3 months period, besides the bugs is not a lot, flash works like expected(is a phone plus is the first release) and i was able to finally get all my apps back since i had some problems at first, it is faster i can tell you that, the 8 apps to switch back to your other apps really makes a difference, apps to sd works good(not all apps are available but people has to understand that not all of them would work perfect if they on sd card plus the paid apps too) and the list goes on with the improvements , That being said i think HTC and Sprint Rush Froyo to be ahead of the competition just like they can say that they were that first ones in the market of the US to have it(which is a good thing) but i won't be surprise to get another update before the end of the year to fix the bugs the people is talking about or want.

    btw 3d app gallery for those of who don't know is replace with the htc gallery and that's why we don't have it, the "foryo dock" is replace too, and a lot of other 2.2 features as well so is not that the phone is not capable of is that HTC SENSE is everywhere in this phone and we don't have the vanilla android because HTC think the sense is the right choice.

    I got this video that shows how fast downloading apps is on froyo and that really makes me happy because i used to get frustated on 2.1 with the slow downs everysingle time i would install something new, comments below and i'll do a full review when i have the "official " update i guess

    YouTube - Htc evo downloads after upgrade....

    Sorry about the long post don't fall sleep lol

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