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Froyo and Touchdown

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ncguy2, May 22, 2010.

  1. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member
    Thread Starter

    Can anyone who has installed Froyo verify if touchdown is still functional. I would appreciate a nod since that app is critical and I cant do the upgrade without knowing if it still works.

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  2. inspiron41

    inspiron41 Well-Known Member

    dont know about touchdown, but roadsync works fine for me
  3. NexusMMM

    NexusMMM Member

    I'm having issues with Touchdown. E-mail rendering is really off -- new messages come in with a bunch of garbled ASCII characters. I actually uninstalled with the intent of reinstalling but appears that TD hasn't been marked as compatible with froyo in the market b/c it's not showing up.

    I'm back to the default Exchange app for now until the TD team gets their Froyo on :cool:
  4. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member
    Thread Starter

    Interesting. I did a bit more research and I stumbled upon this review from pcmag where they installed touchdown on 2.2 and they claimed that it worked for them. I'm taking that with a grain of salt based on your experience.

    Exchange support improves in Android, but TouchDown still sets the bar | ZDNet

    But if you want to try it I think you can download the latest beta from the touchdown website and then do a manual install to your phone.

    I love touchdown myself except for the poor integration with the phones native contacts. I understand this is a limitation of the Android and not touchdown. I wish touchdown would allow you pickand choose the functions that you wanted to activate so that I could leave off contacts and just use the phones native contacts with activesync.
  5. billytkid

    billytkid Member

    Why use touchdown any more?

    I upgraded to 2.2 and can now have full exchange natively - I had to use touchdown with 2.1 because android didnt support security policies, with 2.2 it does.

    The integrated google/exchange calender is great, also email folder support is much better than with touchdown
  6. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for that update.

    Regarding contacts, can you tell me if the native 2.2 application will allow you to select different contact folders other than the primary contact folder on exchange?

    Also, another reason (for me) to use touchdown would be for the tasks sync with exchange.
  7. billytkid

    billytkid Member


    just looked @ the contacts, seems that all contacts are merged on the phone, but luckily they dont sync back to google. So on gmail I've only got my normal contacts (on the web), but on the phone I've got both my work and personal contacts - there doesnt seem to be a global address search option - can anyone find this?

    Good point about tasks, I dont use them so havent looked - let me know if you find anything

  8. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member
    Thread Starter

    So if I'm understanding you, all of your exchange contacts files are merged into contacts on the phone. I'm assuming that the phone adds a label or some way to filter on just your personal contacts if necessary?

    Can you add or update one of say your personal contacts on the phone and have it update that contact in your personal contacts on exchange? Or does it drop that contact in your main contact file on exchange?
  9. billytkid

    billytkid Member

    No labers, they are all just there. Have a play it does no harm

    PS the stock keyboard is a pile of shit compared to the HTC one which doesn't work with 2.2
  10. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member
    Thread Starter

    I really dont have a very good test environment unfortunately. I wish that multiple contact file handling was documented somewhere but honestly I can't find anything.

    From your reports this concerns me. Sounds like:

    1. Multiple exchange contact sub files are merged into a single contact file on the phone.
    2. There is no way to filter the individual files from the merged file on the phone. In other words you cant identify all the contacts from say a sub-contact file named "personal" originally on exchange.
    3. You can't add a contact on the phone to be directed back to the "personal" subfile on exchange.

    If I'm interpreting this correctly then the phones activesync for contacts probably wont cut it for me and I'll still need touchdown.
  11. billytkid

    billytkid Member

    Wow you have a 'test environment', why dont you just try it and have a play, if its not up to your needs then turn it off - no harm done.

    Yep your analysis of my report is correct! You can however select which exchange sub groups are shown or not, but there is no indication of which is which in the list when enabled

  12. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member
    Thread Starter

    Since it doesn't seem to show the original file tag on each contact, it leads one to wonder how it knows where to find the original contact in the correct subfile back on exchange if you should happen to update one of those contacts on the phone? Or does it know?
  13. stetrick

    stetrick Lurker

    Touchdown no longer works for me after the Froyo upgrade. The body of all emails is invisible, and most of the time, sender and subject are as well. Calendar entries also mostly gone. Contacts are around, it seems.

    Nexus one - unrooted.
  14. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    Works perfectly here.mine isn't rooted.
  15. rllek

    rllek Lurker

    I've been having this error, as well as the garbled ASCII symbols one. I find that "Refetching" the individual emails results in them coming in clear. No idea why the second fetch is any better than the first one, and it is a pain if you get a ton of emails, but it may work for you.
  16. sdjeep

    sdjeep Lurker

    Im having issues with the calendar sysnc and touchdown after installilng Froyo. It does not sync my all my appointments. It misses alot. Interesting though the new native calendar now support exchange activesysnc and it sysncs all my appoointment up like a champ. I like the touchdown mail and interface better but its becoming annoying with this calendar issue. I've tries everythgin incldigin a full factory reset and SD card format and installed JUST touchdown so nothing else was running and there were not other aqccounts defined. It still would not sync the calendar. it starts to sync some of the apoointment and then just keeps flashing back and forth between syncing and syncing finished. I let it do this for sevveral hours to see it it needed to just wait for all the data. no luck. I tried syncing only 1 week, 2 , weeks and even all with same results.:mad:
  17. mrubinsk

    mrubinsk Lurker

    Won't speak for anyone else, but for me, I *must* have support for recurring event exceptions, which is lacking in the native calendar, even in 2.2.
  18. mrubinsk

    mrubinsk Lurker

    To add my experience to the mix, I don't use TD for email, so can only speak to calendar/contact/task support. I have no issues with contacts or tasks, but the calendar in version 6.x seems to have issues - it only displays one or two of my recurring events (I have dozens of them), other events seem to work ok. I reverted back to the latest in the version 5 series and it seems to work well for me....
  19. reflektion

    reflektion Lurker

    I'm using a Moto Droid with Froyo, but I have absolutely no problems with Touchdown. It still has benefits over the native exchange including colored text in email, etc. I am using the specific version of Touchdown on the Market for 2.0+ devices, if that helps.

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