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Froyo Bugs and Questions - Post em Here

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Trident, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Baz8755

    Baz8755 Well-Known Member

    I notice last night that the GPS was playing up.

    When first loading any mapping application it would get a location nearish to where I was but once a satellite fix had been acquired it moved me several hundred metres from my current location.

    I tried several apps over several hours and the same thing always occured (even the circle around the pointer on google maps seemed to suggest it was a good fix).

    This morning I checked and the same problem occured.

    I powered the phone off and on and everything now working OK, this has never occured before and the only thing that has changed recently is upgrading to FroYo, anyone else seem this?



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  2. So far so good post Froyo, using an unbranded Desire, apart from putting battery meter on and then taking it off when I found the battery diving, everything else looks good, just stuck a SanDisk 32Gig card in and copied everything off the old one on to it with no problems.
  3. Nagrom

    Nagrom Android Expert

    Hi Gang.

    Okay so this maybe a problem unique to my Desire, as I installed a custom baked 2.2 ROM from MoDoCo.


    Ever since I did my update last week, I'm failing to receive picture, or movie messages. All I get in the message is the text to whatever has been sent, and a "Download" button. When I click the button nothing happens. The working icon comes up, and spins, but nothing else.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

    All I know is it was working fine before I rooted, and installed this new ROM.

    Thanks in advance



    Okay according to the HTC site, I should have "Maximum message size" in my MMS settings, along with a few other settings. This one, and another setting, "Priority setting" are missing from the options. Does anyone know if they are in 2.1?
  4. marshduck

    marshduck Newbie

    Yes, I had this issue after upgrading this morning along with the GPS becoming inaccurate issue.

    Restarting the phone fixed the GPS.

    To fix the data problem, I went to
    Settings -> wireless and networks -> mobile networks -> access point names

    I found that the access point wasn't selected. (i'm on 3).
    Selecting three.co.uk (the only option) immediately started up my data connection and I have been fine ever since.:)

    I seem to remember that before the upgrade there were 2 options in the access points. Can anyone still on 2.1 confirm this.
  5. yury2808

    yury2808 Newbie

    It seem that the Froyo brings way more troubles to this phone, than bonuses. Am I right on this? My current 2.1 works flawlessly, the only thing that I don't like is inability to install apps to SD.

    ps. 720p recordings that I've seen - looks terribly bad anyway. Well, seeing on the lens of the device it's not hard to guess why :)
  6. asp2010

    asp2010 Newbie

    in my case, upgrading to FroYo was no trouble at all. even more, my battery lasts longer, i've more RAM available, and of course, one-click tethering, automatic updating of apps and an 'update all apps' button (hooraay !! :D) and moving apps to the SD card (although only a few support this feature right now, it's still nice to have). The only issue i had was my APN settings getting messed up and having to write a new profile - which took me no more than 2 minutes!

    so i'd say go for it, but it's just my opinion. good luck!
  7. mrlongbeard

    mrlongbeard Member

    Damn, I came on to find a roll back option :(
  8. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    There were two for 3, one for MMS and one for the mobile network, but after 2.2 there is just one which looks like a hybrid of the two that were there previously.
  9. yury2808

    yury2808 Newbie

    _Damn, I came on to find a roll back option_

    Isn't it possible to burn the 2.1 ROM somehow? I'm newbie on Android scene, but come on.. there should be possibility for downgrade ?!
  10. You may find this of use..

    [HOW-TO] downgrade HBOOT 0.92 to 0.80 again - xda-developers

    I just did it and its easy as pie! Also giving you the opportunity to root and flash a custom ROM :D
  11. szabbal

    szabbal Lurker

    I updated to froyo, but for some reason, flash is not working at all. I checked the applications, I have flash installed. I did factory reset, hard reset, everything. No luck. Want to try flash on my desire. I even did a manual update as well. Software version is 2.2 but my stock browser keep closing without force close message. Anyone?
  12. kofuukali

    kofuukali Newbie

    Hey Paranoid,
    In my case I am on danish network Telenor, and I certainly didn't change anything at all except Froyo when my problems started.... So the problem is most certainly not only O2 or your new sim. I wouldn't be too surprised though that somehow the sim gets "degraded" in a way... if that is even possible...
  13. nige1972

    nige1972 Lurker

    Im using a vodafone htc desire,and having read through these pages kinda glad i havn`t had the chance to upgrade to 2.2,if you can call it that ?

    It seems the majority would rather go back to 2.1, is it possible to do so ?
  14. islandmixed

    islandmixed Well-Known Member

    Whoa!! iam sticking to 2.1 since so many people are having issues. but then their are alot who are having none! i wonder what htc will do about this.

    I saw the update during the day time, but while at night it does not show it..i got a unbranded/unlocked phone with orange sim card.

    but ill stick with 2.1 for now...
  15. Jooky85

    Jooky85 Newbie

    Could someone with Froyo confirm whether the "music genre bug" has been fixed? Its that incredibly annoying one where the genre show up as Unknown if you have ID3v2 Genre tags.

    Thanking you in advance!
  16. Wlliam.

    Wlliam. Member

    My phone automatically enters to a car mode and allows homescreen rotation even if I set rotation OFF.

    It is kind of annoying because I cant turn it off and my calls keep dropping when it is in car mode.
  17. Fishyweb

    Fishyweb Android Enthusiast

    Since the FroYo update, my phone shows a car icon on the status bar when it is connected to a mains charger (though does not allow rotation of the home screen). Incoming calls still work OK, though, and I've not noticed any other bad effect of this.

    Ironically, the car icon does not show up when it is connected to my car charger!:thinking:
  18. Fishyweb

    Fishyweb Android Enthusiast

    Music genre, artist, and album name recognition seems to have been lost for .WMA files in the FroYo update. Seems to work OK with .MP3 though. Extremely annoying for me, as most of my 15GB of music is .WMA.

    I've reported this to HTC, and they say they are looking into it.
  19. kanay2000

    kanay2000 Newbie

    Also, this is a really annoying problem for me, when you click on a text box, the keyboard pops up, but when you write on the keyboard , the text does not appear on the textbox :mad:
  20. HellsBells

    HellsBells Newbie

    I get the same problem (after installing 2.2) so it probably isn't your card. I've noticed that when I've got the phone set on that auto setting and there is no WDCMA (which there often isn't where I live) then I get no connection at all - whereas before it used to use GSM if the other wasn't available. Now I have to leave it on GSM only and manually check if I can get the faster connection whenever I change location. Annoying.:(

    UPDATE: I took the phone to where I know I get good 3G access, changed to use WDCMA only, browsed for a bit, then set it back to GSM/WDCMA and browsed for a bit. Now I'm back in the non-3g area I've left it on this auto option and it seems to automatically use the GSM with no probs. Yaaaay!
  21. Hi guys, just a quick update...

    So I downgraded from 2.2 back to 2.1 with HBOOT 0.80 using a method I found on these forums, and it was seriously easy. Once I downgraded I needed to root the phone to fix some errors apparently (ones I did not notice), but it seemed to work just fine anyway. Once I was back on 2.1 I could not get a 3G/H signal at all, just G(2g).. I soon realised the rollback was before a 2.1 update to correct this problem. I rooted the phone using aformentioned method and decided to flash a FroYo 2.2 Stock Rom back to see if it made any difference! ... Well my data connection did the exact same thing after all this, but last night I tried it and low and behold it actually worked....

    I now have a rooted Desire running stock FroYo 2.2 and everything is working spot on, I dont know whether this is all just coincidence but I am back to being very happy with everything! Thank god!

    ...bring on Gingerbread :p
  22. jaseuk

    jaseuk Well-Known Member

    Does anyone use the music control on the headphones ( unfortunately I do as I have job where I stop start throughout the day, otherwise I'd use my Sennheisers)

    Well now it is very hit and miss when clicking to restart my music/podcasts, sometimes it does, othertimes it seems to hang then maybe play or restart from the wrong track.
  23. Mortific

    Mortific Lurker

    Dunno if this is a noob-question or not, but just noticed something annoying.

    What's with the small "screenfade" after unlocking the device? Any way to get rid of it? Never noticed that with Eclair, and it looks horrible. (Perhaps to facilitate those who use a separate lockscreen-wall than their regular one, but for the rest of us it looks like crap)
  24. NorthernNoel

    NorthernNoel Member

    Debranded my Vodafone Desire and had a few issues

    Swype - Wasn't working but a re-install seems to have fixed it. I have had an issue when swyping it wouldn't type but turning the keyboard on and off seems to have fixed it.

    MP3 Tags - Loads of artists were shown as unknown and album art wasn't set. I managed to fix this with mp3tagger pro from the market. Bizarrely when I opened the offending tracks with this the tags were there. Re-applying them seems to have done the trick. Annoying that I had to purchase this to fix the problem even if it was only 82p.

    Poor signal - Since Froyo my signal seems to have gone crazy. It will quite often fluctuate for no reason. At home I can live with losing a couple of signal bars but at work it's a nightmare as the signal was lower to start with. I'm now having to be careful how I hold my phone as it can quite happily lose all bars randomly. If I wanted a phone that would lose it's signal when I held it i'd have bought an iphone :mad:

    Overall I do like the update but I hope the signal issue is sorted quickly.

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