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Froyo for Evo OTA out NOW!!!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ArcherB, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. ArcherB

    ArcherB Lurker
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    Told my Evo to update, now I'm gettin' Froyo.

    Updates on how it runs later.


    So far, everything works fine. The only issue I've had is that the camera didn't work after rebooting. Killing all apps using an app killer fixed the issue, so something that is starting up is keeping the camera from working.

    I rebooted again and killed all the flashlight apps that were running (why are three flashlight apps starting with they system? Why do I have three flashlight apps?) as well as the stock market app (that I've never used). Camera worked fine.

    I removed all the extra flashlight apps. Maybe that will fix it. Will need more testing. Can't find the stock market app to remove it.

    ***End Edit***

    Found the problem was the third party flashlight programs. I uninstalled all except for the LED Desire flashlight and have no problems.

    Much more data found under the Evo thread under phones. Maybe I should have posted there :)

    ***End Edit2***

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  2. I am downloading ota now, at 54% and climbing. :)
  3. Is there a way I can go back to Android 2.1 (leaving my apps and data intact) so I can get the update? I installed the unofficial .3 update, but I want to Official .6 update.

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