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Froyo for HTC Aria

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by witnesslj23, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. witnesslj23

    witnesslj23 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was wondering when and if froyo will be coming out for the HTC Aria

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  2. brivette007

    brivette007 Newbie

    It should be getting froyo, but we don't know when yet.
  3. dexmix

    dexmix Newbie

    a leak of a gratia 2.2 rom is out. When we get an official rom, someone will clean it up for the aria.
  4. strose09

    strose09 Member

    I'm running 2.2 with Sense on my Aria, so far so good!
  5. tilzey

    tilzey Lurker

    What needed to be done to your Aria (ATT?) to get the 2.2 functioning well on it?
  6. mrdoc

    mrdoc Newbie

    does it let u move apps to sd card?
  7. strose09

    strose09 Member

    Yup running great. All you have to do is Root your phone using the Unrevoked method. Install clockwork mod and download any ROM you'd like. Right now I'm running Liberated_FR005. Speedy as hell, no lag, all functionality as stock plus more. Battery life improved, tethering, live wallpapers, etc.
  8. mrdoc

    mrdoc Newbie

  9. badboysoulja

    badboysoulja Lurker

    guys I am looking at rooting my phone, but instead of flashing a whole new rom onto it, can I just do the root and have clockwork recovery installed, then can I install just the froyo update ontop of what I already have on my phone?
  10. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    To answer your question in terms of the terminology you used, the answer depends on if you have an AT&T branded Aria or an unbranded Aria. If you truly mean installing a copy of the OTA Froyo update to your phone, then you can only do that on an unbranded Aria. If you have an AT&T branded phone, there is no OTA Froyo update available yet.

    If what you want to do is root your phone and install Froyo 2.2 on it, then you will need to flash a custom ROM that is based on Froyo 2.2. If you want HTC Sense, then your option is the Liberated FR Series ROM (current version FR008) that was adapted from the HTC Gratia Froyo ROM. You could also install CyanogenMod CM 6.1 if you don't want HTC Sense.
  11. badboysoulja

    badboysoulja Lurker

    and FINALLY 2.2 is released in Australia for the Aria
  12. mjstulsa

    mjstulsa Lurker

    Below is my Request for Information to HTC and their reply:

    On 2/17/2001 I sent the following request to HTC via the Contact US link at HTC.COM:

    My HTC Aria is incapable of activating a voice dial via bluetooth. The only way I can currently activate a voice call via bluetooth is to activate the "Voice Dial" app and hope the phone can select the correct number to dial.
    My previous phone was a Motorola Razr that allowed me to store a voice tag to each contact. I could then call that number by pressing the call button on my headset and speaking the voice tag for the number i wished to call.
    I understand that Android 2.1 does not support voice dialing.
    When can I expect an upgrade to Android 2.2.1 that does support this function?

    The HTC response I received via direct email:

    Dear Mark,

    We understand that it is important you receive all the information to best utilize your device.

    Currently Mark, our developers have to work with AT&T to determine when and if a ROM upgrade will be available. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about an update for your device. Please check the HTC America website for any software updates that may be released, HTC - Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Cell Phones, PDAs. Just click on the support link then choose your device.

    I do apologize Mark, for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 11USCW08ENA001820.




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