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froyo has issues...i want to go back to 2.1 please help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by afine1, May 24, 2010.

  1. afine1

    afine1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    issues i have found.

    1. My browser is very slow to respond to movements. zoom in out seems to work ok but moving pages left right up down sucks. pages are very laggy.

    2. why did they remove the .com button from the keyboard.

    3. a lot of apps dont work anymore. handcent, home++, pure calander, etc. (maybe because they have to be updated by the developers)

    there are many other issues but these are only a few examples.

    i just want to go back to 2.1. can someone please help. i will update again with the ota. hopefully by then the developers are ready with updates.

    here is some more.

    maybe this is because i set the power key to end calls, but the power key does not power off the phone anymore. to do this i had to pull the battery out.

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  2. Junglist

    Junglist Newbie

    uninstall the flash 10.1 if you want to speed up the browser

    and the apps that dont wok will be updated to function with 2.2 if you have patience
  3. afine1

    afine1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    if it is flash that is doing this then to hell with flash. i cant believe that they would add something that would ruin the browser experience.
  4. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    have you cleared your browsers cache? history? closed windows etc? no .com button? not really a big deal. the apps will get updated be patient
  5. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert

    The Flash that is out there is BETA... It's not hardware accelerated so expect issues.

    If you don't care about Flash, then dump it until the Final is out. :D
  6. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member

    The original question afine1 asks is a good one. It doesn't sound like she needs to roll back now but what if you did want to do it?

    If you do a factory reset you will unfortunately still have 2.2 after the reset.

    Since I haven't upgraded yet what is the procedure for backing up 2.1 and then doing a restore if necessary?
  7. sourmilk

    sourmilk Member

    flash is still in beta, so it's going to have stability and performance issues. how much it's going to be improved we will have to wait and see till it's official.
    also, you don't have to uninstall it. instead you can make it only load when you want it to.
    go to>browser settings, select enable plug-ins, and set it to "on demand."
    now when there is flash content on a webpage, it will only load when you click on it.
  8. afine1

    afine1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i did this, thanks. but are there other plug-ins that have been running prior that are also "on demand" now?

    yes this is the root question of my post.
  9. sourmilk

    sourmilk Member

    I don't know of a way to see all the plugins you have installed. i also don't know of any other plugins.

    unless you are rooted and proficient with modding your phone, i don't think it's possible to go back to 2.1. xda would be a better source for this kind of info: Nexus One - xda-developers
  10. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    It's entirely possible to go back to original build or even 2.1update1.

    if you flash the original, the phone will auto update to 2.1update1

    I am of the opinion that if your 2.2 is messed up or not to your liking then the way you got it on the phone in the first place was not the best way. Or maybe the optimal way. There's so many here and on xda that flashed this or that, recovery update this or that, flashed ontop of other stuff, etc.... No wonder there are some messed up phones out there.

    if you set browser to desktop string in the about:debug settings.
    set on demand in browser settings
    set animations to off in display settings
    then things are really nice.
    but this depends on how you went about getting 2.2 in the first place I think.
    2.2 is better than 2.1update1, this should be a given. If it's not then your phone is messed up.

    fresh install is the only way to go in my book.
    fasttboot erase everything and get back to the 79 build
    let the phone auto update to 2.1update1
    manual install 2.2 with stock recovery.
    reflash custom recovery and install root zip from cyanogen. (2.6.33,34)
    (launcherPro) install here if desired.
    Done deal. No issues.
    I'm not ripping on you OP. It's just that there's so many out there that the boards are flooded with messed up phones and bad info.

    flash works fine, 10-20 seconds of choppiness, then it clears up for me. Audio sync is good. tested cnn.com..... even a phone call interrupt stops the player in the browser while you're on the phone, and then resumes when you push the end call button. ((wifi)
  11. afine1

    afine1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    another issue in froyo is the volume/vibrate thing. the original let you turn up/down volume, then a vibrate mode then silent mode. now the vibrate mode is gone. you can manually turn it on or off but you have to now go through menus to do this. what a PITA. you either have ringer on or off now with the volume rocker. there is the option to to use it to go to vibrate but then you lose the silent option. pretty dumb in my opinion.

    why is this dumb you ask. 1. it takes away a basic option and 2. when you set the vibrate on it comes on in silent mode...vibrate on is not silent.
  12. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    this right here says something is up. volume rocker goes from volume up, to minimal, to vibrate.

    beautiful vibrate and beautiful silent are good widgets.
    afaik nothing changed with the rocker. Mine is the same.

    sorry I was wrong, I guess no more silent on the rocker.

    beautiful silent widget is the answer
  13. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert

    You can only go back if you root, currently stock and wanna stay stock? Froyo or bust.
  14. Member12446

    Member12446 Guest

    What's the best way to fastboot ease then? I've a non rooted phone if that helps?
  15. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert

    Hold down the trackball and power on the phone.
  16. russe||

    russe|| Newbie

    Really confused as to why someone would want to go back. Froyo is way faster than Eclair. I love it.
  17. Buck Shot

    Buck Shot Well-Known Member

    updates are rolling out now, slowly but surely
  18. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    fastboot erase userdata
    fastboot erase cache
  19. Member12446

    Member12446 Guest

    But do I need to be rooted or not? :thinking:
  20. BreatheElectro

    BreatheElectro Well-Known Member

    Handcent works now! Just got updated to work with Froyo.

    To the original poster, why don't you just wait? The apps are slowly being updated as we speak.
  21. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    rooted and unlocked bootloader are two different things.
    you don't have to have root to use fastboot.
    so if you understand that and don't have a problem using fastboot you can do whatever you want. relatively.
  22. ianken

    ianken Lurker

    Because Google broke a bunch of apps. Apparently app compat testing is not something they do or care about.

    AAC audio streaming? Broken
    Touchdown Exchange? Broken
    DroidLive? Broken (now fixed, but no AAC)

    Oh, and the new radio image breaks video playback if you roll back to 2.1. So if you go back, you need to re-flash your radio.

    In the end I don't care how fast some dumb ass benchmarks scores are, if my apps don't work I don't care to use it.

    GOOG needs to learn how to work better with their developers. You don't go and change shipping APIs or their behavior out of the blue without very good reason. That's a newb mistake. But we all know that GOOG is pretty much a newb when it comes to supporting a development community.

    I'll wait for Cyanogen to get it right. Because it seems Google cannot.
  23. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member

    At the speed updates are released I'll bet the vendors didnt need long to get their apps tweeked. Maybe thats why google didnt intend a general release for a couple more weeks?
  24. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    did you really expect something else? if so, you should wait till it's available to the general public.
  25. daffyduck

    daffyduck Guest

    Another reason I'm afraid, why if you have not got a rooted phone, be very careful what you do with your phone....the 2.2 update is a hack (albeit, a semi-official one)!

    Did the original OP get a resolution to their problem???

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