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Froyo mail app exchange support - died

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by billytkid, May 25, 2010.

  1. billytkid

    billytkid Member
    Thread Starter

    Morning all,

    one of the key things for me on the upgrade was the exchange support, and after using it all yesterday as of this morning I'm getting a 'security error' which has stopped the mail connecng.

    Ive reinstalled and its died completely

    Is anyone else using the mail app with exchange with a self signed cert?


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  2. jmcgee_jr

    jmcgee_jr Newbie

    Try exporting the cert putting it on the phone sdcard and installing the cert that way on the phone.
  3. inspiron41

    inspiron41 Well-Known Member

    the native exchange works perfectly with my microsoft exchange account. i love the updated exchange calendar too. works better than my road mail app before.
  4. billytkid

    billytkid Member
    Thread Starter

    Managed to get it working again from reinstalling the account.

    Re installing certificates it seems (after reading) that .cer are not recognised.

    Is anyone else noticing that deleting on the phone doesnt delete on the mail account?
  5. jmcgee_jr

    jmcgee_jr Newbie

    If you are saying that you delete the account from your phone but if you look at exchange it still shows the phone as being tied to your account. That is normal it's not a bug with android that's just how exchange is.
  6. billytkid

    billytkid Member
    Thread Starter

    No sorry, two issues.

    Issue 1 (getting security error) - sorted be reconfiguring the account

    Issue 2 - when I delete a mail on the app, it goes into the deleted items folder, but this never gets moved/deleted on the server account. It also seems only the inbox is syncing.

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