usagi san

Jul 21, 2010
So here I am, wondering if I'm missing something.

Seems like froyo broke the option to have a ring mode, silent mode, AND a vibrate mode separately?

Personally, I'd like to be able to be notified discretely in social situations without having the ring on, BUT also the convenience of being able to turn everything off with a quick swipe. The vibrate is pretty dang loud.

Anyone else feel that froyo left them out in the cold?
This is something that people have been complaining about for a while now. The best solution is to get a ring/vibrate/silent widget from the market.
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if people aren't reading the link, so here it is for them :)

Known issue with Froyo - if you go into Settings --> Sound you can adjust the vibrate setting as follows:

  • Always (allows down to vibrate without a silent setting)
  • Never (allows down to silence without a vibrate setting)
  • Only in Silent Mode (allows down to vibrate without a silent setting)
  • Only when not in Silent mode (allows down to silence without a vibrate setting)

There is no way to have both vibrate and silence anymore as independent settings, AFAICT.
I just forced 2.2
AS far as I can see, if you go into settings and select silent mode it does set it to vibrate automatically,
however, I had the silent widget installed on 2.1 and with 2.2 this widget still only sets the phone to silent. It does not force vibrate