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Froyo & Task killers

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hunz63, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Hunz63

    Hunz63 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okay, I've read enough to understand that task killing under froyo is not necessary to save the battery. However, I do not like the way applications tend to open in the exact same place that I "closed" them. More often than not, when i open an app, i would much rather start with the "home" page. This is especially true with the calendar and the web browser. Is there any app out there that can help with this?

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  2. hasbrobot

    hasbrobot Android Enthusiast

    Dont use task killers, Android does a great job on its own to regulate this process on its own.
  3. bzgunner

    bzgunner Lurker

    For most apps, using the back button to close will cause it to exit the app completely, while using the home button will save the state.

    If that doesn't work just use a task killer to close it. As long as you don't have auto task killer turned on, it should be fine to do.
  4. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Android Expert

    thats what i have heard...but what about things liketheWeatherChannel app...when that one is running in the background, it is sucking up data and battery life the entire time...it may not be much, but it is more than having it off completely. and when you add a few app doing the same thing, that battery life gets considerably shorter.

    most of the apps are fine running in the background but i see a purpose for the task killer apps as well.
  5. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    I'm with you on this one.. I know there is no need for a task killer, and there are a 1,000 threads with everyone getting on their pedastool and preaching about the negatives and blah blah blah...

    But when I'm done with lets say Maps, or Weather Channel, I want to close those things down.. hell w/ ATK I have it kill itself at the same time.. everyone leaves happy.
  6. gnath9

    gnath9 Android Enthusiast

    Task killers actually get in the way of Android handling memory management as intended.

    Is it really necessary, or is it a holdover from those of us who have used Windows Mobile?
  7. xliderider

    xliderider Android Expert

    Don't forget the BB guys. ;)
  8. msprygada

    msprygada Newbie

    There is a difference between memory management and not having apps running when I did not ask them to be running.

    Yes, you do not need a task killer to run Android...but every time my Droid starts chugging...I open ATK and there are literally between 10 and 20 applications running that I did not open and do not want open. And I am down to < say 30 MB of memory. If I kill off the apps that I did not want or ask to be running, the memory goes back to > 70 MB and the phone responds like lighting again.

    From what I am told is that the Android OS will do nothing with all these running apps and then when memory is low (when you see your phone start hesitating or lagging) is when the phone is doing garbage collection or deleting unneeded apps.

    So I have used ATK to kill any open apps that I did not want to open and the phone runs fast again.

    To me, this is similar to you opening up your PC and finding Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, FireFox, Photoshop, and other applications running and all you did was turn it on.

    It is BS that apps start when you did not ask them to. This is a shortcoming of the OS as far as I am concerned. Or unless you can explain to me why a program would need start on its own.
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  9. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    I do understand this. I think if someone goes into a task killer with the mindset of kill everything it is not good. I literally use one to kill very specific apps, which I had opened, and no longer need to run (if there is no simple "close" method within the app menu options).
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  10. gnath9

    gnath9 Android Enthusiast

    I dont use them myself but, I am running at 1.2ghz and dont have much chug going on.

    Thanks very much for your explanations as it does make sense what you guys are doing but, could'nt a shortcut to running applications do this ?
    I only install apps that dont do anything the OS can all ready do.It might be my carry over from windows ... lol
  11. William T Riker

    William T Riker Android Enthusiast

    There is a task killer built right into Froyo, if you go into applications in settings there is now a running tab which you can go into and force close any applications you don't want running. Some apps like the new 4.4.0 maps will automatically restart though
  12. Hunz63

    Hunz63 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Some of the people that posted above obviously didn't read the original post before slapping the thread with the standard "Task Killers are Evil" reply.

    I simply want my browser or whatever app to "close" to the point that when I "open" it again I start with the standard "home" page/screen. As it stands now, I have to jump through way too many hoops to get this desired behavior.

    One option is to hit the "back" button until the app backs all the way out and exits on its own. This could be easily be 5, 10, or more times in the case of the web browser. Another option that has been suggested is to use the "built in task killer." This requires several more clicks to accomplish than I really want to deal with:

    Home button,
    Menu button,
    Manage Applications,
    Scroll to find what you want to kill,
    Tap it,
    and finally hit "Force Stop."

    I have found 2 apps that at least try to help: The latest version of "Advanced Task Killer" and "Task Killer (Froyo)" can get you to the last step in the litany above in 2 or 3 steps and then you can hit the "Force Stop" button.

    However, I really would like something even quicker and I don't like the idea of having to "Force Stop" my app just so it will start nice and clean the next time I open it. There really should be a better way!
  13. snapcase

    snapcase Android Enthusiast

    I'm not on froyo yet, but sounds like a task killer is the only option.

    Use atk and exclude everything but those apps that you want closed like that. If you use it frequently, our don't use many other apps, it's three clicks. Long press home, click atk, end all. I set atk to kill itself though.
  14. bzgunner

    bzgunner Lurker

    Just use a task killer to do it.

    If you use task killer manually and don't kill indiscriminately, it isn't any different than using the settings menu.
  15. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Android Enthusiast

    I used to love Advanced Task Killer, thought it was the greatest app ever. Then after going to 2.2 and seeing it not work I took it out of startup and did see slightly better battery life. Now if I think something is eating up battery I use the FroYo task manager to force stop an app here or there and it does seem to help. Unfortunately, my battery with 2.2 doesn't last near as long as with 2.1 I am about ready to make a list uninstall all of my apps and start over. Or at least use Astro to back them up and wipe em out.
  16. I just want a widget that I can place on a home screen to kill all apps that are running. That is what I use ATK for.

    It's not a battery life issue as much as it is a performance issue. While a task killer may not be necessary to preserve battery life, it definitely is if you want your phone to be able to run at a constantly fast rate. This is particularly true if you have recently used any resource heave apps.

    The only way I'll stop using ATK is if hitting the Home button starts killing apps or if Android builds in a widget that can kill all running apps in a single press.
  17. Titaniac

    Titaniac Well-Known Member

    While I don't have an all-around answer for your situation, I do know that some apps make using the back-button easy. If you use DolphinHD Web Browser, press and hold the back button. It will not only exit out of the program, but it will also give you the option to clear cache and history while doing it.
  18. peskemom

    peskemom Newbie

    digitaloverdose...there IS a shortcut to put RunningServices from the built in applications on your home page. Get to "Settings" shortcut and see all the choices..touch and hold 'running services' and there you go. That's what I use to kill any apps I want not running. It's super convenient and I much prefer it to any market task killer
  19. phonealot

    phonealot Lurker

    Would you please describe the steps to do this?
    I tried:
    <menu>, <settings>, <Applications>, from there I see running services of course but do not see how to place a shortcut upon the home screen nor where to make defaults so it will call all but certain ones wiht a quick selection.
  20. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Android Enthusiast

    Long press on a home screen, choose shortcut, then go down to settings and then choose running services.
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  21. I just tried that. You can't long press Running Services as it just frees the shortcut from the home page so you can either move it or trash it. Single pressing it takes you to the menu where you see all the running services where you can individually close them down.

    ATK's widget is a simple single press that kills everything.
  22. Jung

    Jung Lurker

    "Tasker" isn't nearly as useful for me now that it can't kill applications with it. For example: Killing my music player when I disconnect from Bluetooth.
  23. snapcase

    snapcase Android Enthusiast

    I'm kinda baffled how froyo has screwed up the ability for task killers to kill apps. Now when a program goes haywire (have had it happen with my browsers more than once along with a radio app), you can't just pull up a task killer, you have to go through multiple menus in the settings to find the app and force stop the damn thing.

    Very inconvenient and very frustrating.
  24. case1212

    case1212 Newbie

    Why can't I delete Goggles or News and Weather apps?
  25. Danielson2047

    Danielson2047 Android Enthusiast

    I don't have one, and my phone never misses a beat. The programmers say you dont need one, and i think they would know better than us. ;)

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