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Froyo Update Not Worth It- Battery life problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ashleyepidemic, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. ashleyepidemic

    Thread Starter

    A few days ago I woke up really excited to get my Froyo update. The first day I had it I had an error that kept occurring because of the htc keyboard I had previously been using. After restoring the keyboard to stock that problem went away, but the biggest problem of all took the forefront. I can't go more than 5 hours without needing to charge my phone. Before the update I usually charged my phone daily because I am a relatively heavy user. After the update, I am not using my phone any more than before. Today I charged my phone 3 times. Some people have said it is the facebook app, but I uninstalled the latest updates. I have noticed many of my programs are opening up in the background on their own. I'm out of ideas on how to fix my batter life problem

  2. GideonX

    GideonX Guest

    Settings -> About Phone -> Battery use

    What's taking the top percentages?
  3. ashleyepidemic

    Thread Starter

    Display 49% Android system 10%
  4. GideonX

    GideonX Guest

    That's it? Nothing else on that screen?
  5. ashleyepidemic

    Thread Starter

    Followed by Cell standby 7%, Phone idle 6%, Dialer 5%, Messenger 4%, Solitaire 4 %, Android OS 3%, com.android.launcher 3%,, Twidroyd 2%,Grid Droid 2%
  6. homebrewer28

    homebrewer28 Lurker

    Just got my update last night and I am having the same problem.
  7. droidosis

    droidosis Well-Known Member

    Try this: Go to Settings, Display ...set it to the quickest Screen Timeout (15 seconds?) ...On Brightness, make sure you check "Auto Brightness" Give it a fresh reboot. See how that goes. -droidosis-
  8. Amrov

    Amrov Well-Known Member

    My display is also sucking a lot of power on 2.2. One thing I noticed is that the soft keys are illuminated sometimes even when the screen is black (stand by mode) and even when the phone has been sitting there. I just look over at it and the soft keys are lit up. I'm wondering if that is why my battery life seems decreased. Would be consistent with the "display" hogging so much juice. Anyone else ever noticed this?

    And in case I'm not clear -- by "soft keys" I mean the little touch icons at the bottom of the screen. Not sure what their official name is.
  9. crankerchick

    crankerchick Android Enthusiast

    i'm having the same problem with battery life. Haven't noticed my soft keys being illuminated. Run in lowest possible brightness always. I have factory reset. Check my battery usage and history and nothing looks out of the ordinary, but my battery life is about half as much for the same usage.
  10. ricksievers

    ricksievers Android Enthusiast

    Try pulling out your battery and see if that helps. It worked for me.
  11. Alyianna

    Alyianna Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem. I used to make it until 11pm when I'd plug it in for the night... I had never seen the low battery warning ever...

    Now after Froyo, I am getting low battery warnings between 3 and 4pm EVERY day and nothing else with the phone has changed.

    I did a battery pull the first day with no apparent results.
  12. William T Riker

    William T Riker Android Enthusiast

    I think 4.4.0 maps was causing me problems with my battery because it runs all the time and restarts even if you force close it. Don't know if this is your issue but I used Titanium to uninstall 4.4.0 and went back to 4.3.0 til google addresses it and my battery seems fine now and back to getting a little over 24 hours out of it before getting the low battery led and having to charge again.

    Issue 10251 - android - Google maps is always running - Project Hosting on Google Code
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  13. Alyianna

    Alyianna Well-Known Member

    Thank you William, I went to that link and will try to disable Latitude and see if that helps with the battery tomorrow :)
  14. William T Riker

    William T Riker Android Enthusiast

    Some posts I've read around the web said disabling Latitude helped so it may work for you, for me it didn't. Only going back to the previous version kept it from auto starting and running all the time.
  15. global2

    global2 Well-Known Member

    Same here. I always had at least 70 percent left by the end of the day. Now, after 2.2. update, I have to work to get it past late afternoon. My task killer only kills apps temporarily. They all come back on their own. Did the screen settings and the battery pull -- battery still fading fast!
  16. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Extreme Android User
    VIP Member

    Thanks, I starred it. I kill the dang thing and it just pops right back :rolleyes:
  17. anteater03

    anteater03 Lurker

    I posted this issue earlier.. and tried all these other tricks, but in the end, a Factory Reset seems to be the best option. Make sure to backup anything you need. I used AstroFile, BUT i think there's an option in your Settings > Privacy > Back up my data, so make sure that is checked. After you perform your reset, and you sync your google, all your apps should come flooding back in.
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  18. homebrewer28

    homebrewer28 Lurker

    well i have tried every suggestion and nothing is working. 2.2 is sucking the life from my battery.
  19. hpresley80

    hpresley80 Newbie

    Mine too! :(
  20. roothorick

    roothorick Lurker

    Has any one of you tried disabling your task killer? They can interfere with apps that want to run services, causing thrashing that hits the CPU pretty hard.

    I'm running FRG01B OTA right now, but haven't put a full day on the battery yet -- I'll let you know.
  21. thaDroidz

    thaDroidz Android Enthusiast

    yesterday at 530pm I took the Droid off the charger headed to work, play with it on and off checking theses forums a lot as I would receive topic notification emails. Facebooked etc...

    Noticed halfway through the night wifi was enabled so I turned it off. No GPS, 2 emails apps with the quickest sync available, FB sync. Took a few pictures. Display at low setting.
    Running Zeam Launcher with AndWobble Wallpaper.

    I arrived home this morning with 15% battery life at 8am.
    Display 32% (kinda weird as I lock phone and don't leave it just laying on at low setting)
    Browser 13%
    AndWobble 11%
    phone idle 11%
    cell standby 10%
    Android System 7%
    Android OS 3%
    WiFi 2%
    Mediaserver 2%
    FaceBook 2%

    14hr 26m 17s unplugged

    I am happy!

    Running services:
    Retro Clock
    Voice Caller ID
    Battery Widget
    Google service frame work
    Google messaging
    Andwobble Wallpaper
    Android Keyboard
  22. dokedoke

    dokedoke Newbie

    I am hating this so much. I love 2.2 but the battery life is AWFUL. Fully charged at midnight last night and at noon today I received a low battery warning. W T F>?!?!

    display 42%
    phone idle 14%
    cell standby 12%
    handscent 10%
    android system 10%
    dialer 5%
  23. FredNitz

    FredNitz Member

    I have not had any of the problems anyone is mentioning here. I do not use a task killer. My battery life seems about the same or even better with 2.2 over 2.1 and 2.01.
  24. robbroy

    robbroy Lurker

    After reading the Froyo bugs thread I turned off my exchange server email and removed advanced task killer. Yesterday I could only get about 2.5 hours out of the phone (with gps off, wifi off, and bluetooth off). Today it's been about 4 hours and I'm still at 80%. Under the assumption 2.2 handles memory better, I'm OK without atk, but not having my work email is obviously not a long term solution.

  25. DASny97

    DASny97 Lurker

    My battery seemed to be running out a little faster than normal and I was having trouble moving apps on the home screens factory restore seems to have fixed all issues I was having. I definitely recommend trying that

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