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Froyo vs Evil Eris 3.0

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MKAH, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. MKAH

    MKAH Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am currently running Evil Eris 3.0 and over clocked with setcpu and it seems to run pretty good. Recently, I have seen messages about Froyo and now an updated Evil Eris 4.0.

    Can anyone give me a quick run down on the advantages / disadvantages of each ROM?

    My primary needs are to have the device respond to phone calls quickly and to be able to tether to my laptop when WIFI is not available. However, I do like all the other cool features like sense.

    Thanks in advance

    Mark Rooted, Droid Eris

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  2. Android noob

    Android noob Member

    I think that non sense ROM's have better battery life.. not much to say, but thats what I know for sure. Currently I've had my phone unplugged for 4 hours, and my battery has gone down 6 percent. And I've been using it mostly this whole time. And not to mention, I'm OC'd to 787Mz. Wiping Battery stats really helped my battery life.
  3. Android noob

    Android noob Member

    So for battery life I'd go with a Froyo ROM.
  4. Android noob

    Android noob Member

    All the other features in sense you can pretty much find in a Froyo ROM. So I'd just definitely go with a Froyo ROM, they seem to be more faster too. I'm running CyanogenTazz V3.
  5. (((echo)))

    (((echo))) Lurker

    I have tried a few roms including the evil eris 3.0 and they were all cool, but I wound up sticking with kaosfroyo. Everything works that I have tried and it runs fast and smooth and my battery life is excellent. I used to barely get 10-12 hours until it died and I am currently at 16% after 17 hours. I cant imagine anything better
  6. ErisLove

    ErisLove Member

    i know ee4.0 has live wall papers built in already
  7. willdogs

    willdogs Android Enthusiast

    I'm running EE 3.0 and easily get Greater than 24 hours battery. The other day I was unplugged for 1 day and 19 hours with about 17% to go. Normal Use, several phone calls and light web browsing.
  8. Peter123

    Peter123 Android Enthusiast

    Does the camera work with kaosfroyo? Navigation?
  9. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Android Enthusiast

    AFAIK the camera preview does NOT work in kaosfroyo which is why I am not using it. However, if your willing to pay for it, you can find really good camera apps in the market that do work. I'm just not really interested in purchasing apps seeing as how much I already pay for data.. hehe
  10. ErisLove

    ErisLove Member

    ive tried both

    i just cant get away from EE4.0, thats just my preference tho, i love it, wont be switching unless for some reason another one blows me away
  11. jordon47203

    jordon47203 Lurker

    You can get Camera Magic for free off the market for KaosFroyo
  12. woofers02

    woofers02 Newbie

    I've been running KaosFroyo for a couple weeks now, tried several other 2.1 ROMs (EvilEris, XTR, SuaveSmush) but always end up IMMEDIATELY going back to Froyo. The camera is the only issue, and IMO it's only really an issue if you are taking pics everyday. The stock camera takes pictures just fine, but you don't have a preview, and it's surprisingly easy to still take good pics blindly. Camera Magic gives you a preview but can only take one or two pics before needing to restart the app.

    Aside from that it's a great ROM and for me this is a very small price to pay to be running 2.2.
  13. ggangi

    ggangi Well-Known Member

    Has the camera preview been fixed?
  14. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    The camera works now, yes.
  15. KiWiLiT43

    KiWiLiT43 Newbie

    Froyo! By far... so much faster and better than EvilEris.
  16. Duffman3005

    Duffman3005 Newbie

    EE3.0 was my first rom when I first got into rooting, it was fast and awesome at the time. Eventually I moved onto KaosFroyo's rom when it got stable enough and I immediately noticed a difference. It was snappy/fast, had an improved market(autoupdates, update all button, automatic restore, etc), and overall a major increase in battery life.

    I have noticed in the EE thread on XDA that the lastest version (V4) is a tad bit buggy but I haven't tried for myself yet. Though at this point I really don't see myself going back to a 2.1 rom, ever.
  17. bloodycape

    bloodycape Newbie

    Besides kaosfroyo rom what other 2.2 roms are there?
  18. Duffman3005

    Duffman3005 Newbie

    I think about 5-6 of them at the moment, check here to find them (It'll say "Froyo" or "2.2" in the topic title)
  19. bloodycape

    bloodycape Newbie

    Which would be more complete/fully working(or closest) Evil Eris or one of the Froyo builds?

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